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Early Computing

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Question 1

Hypertext can be defined as the association of data units into associated affiliations that a user can make. Historically we can derive two origin points of hypertext, Memex, and Xanadu. On creation by Dr. Vannevar Bush, the grandfather of hypertext was based on the premise of extension of the human memory through allowing and individuals to form an associate store and can retrieve this info through a nonlinear trail.

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On the other hand, Xanadu, designed by Ted Nelson, envisioned the share of information by it making available to all. Notably, both versions are based on the concept of the nonlinear trail. The origin of hypertext forms a pretext of the early versions and usage of computer concepts during the pre-world wide web era. And as such, the review of the contextual history of hypertext does not necessarily form a deviation from the early computing narrative but affirms the ideologies behind the computing concepts.

Question 2
By definition forensic places great emphasis on the concern on the substantive nature of aspects within the context of the issued statement. In the case, the Justine Sacco posted a tweet whose intent was just but a mere pun but was heavily critiqued as being racist and racially profiled individuals based on color. Notably, Justine’s tweet went viral and received a great deal of backlash from the public which ultimately resulted in her losing her job. Her story gives a perfect example of the ramification of online discourse.

By her posting her tweet pun or not, shows that information put online is available to all and subject to varied interpretation based on its audience. Online discourse, in general, exposes one not only to a person with good intent but also persons of malicious intent and one bears the outcome of what he or she puts online.