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Ecology And Evolution

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The prehistoric period saw the evolution of a number of plant and animal species. The flora and fauna in that period have since become extinct while a few have survived. While reviewing the prehistoric period, dinosaurs cannot go unmentioned. These were huge reptiles that existed in the Jurassic period. Their huge and bulky nature limited the speed in which they could move to get a prey.

Flowering plants like sassafras, ficus and magnolia spread fast. This was because plants had a number of seed dispersal agents. The seeds of these plants could be dispersed by insects like bees. Wind could also move the pollen grains thus enabling the generation of new plants. These plants made up huge rain forests that were filled with deciduous trees.

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Marine life was also unique. However, most of the marine plants have only evolved and have hardly undergone extinction. Mosasaurs that were huge marine animals have since become extinct. Mosasaurs had the features of dinosaurs but only that they existed in aquatic life.

Nonnative species are a kind of flora or fauna that exist in an ecosystem other than their original ecosystem. These species adapt and survive in the new environment. In other cases, they even compete against the native species for survival. An example is Dioscorea bulbiferous also known as air potato. This plant is found in Florida, United States. It grows at a rate of 8 inches every day and grows on trees. New plants generate from bulbils. Another is the Gypsy moth found in Pacific Northwest. The Gypsy moth lacks natural enemies, so their population constantly increases. They tolerate the habitat condition and reproduce rapidly. The Atlantic salmon is also a nonnative species known to have good survival characteristics.

The existence of ground water enabled the evolution of everglades from the uplands. Estuarine water balance is another environmental factor that facilitated the evolution of everglades. As the estuaries discharge water, fresh water flows in thus completing the cycle. An alteration of evapotranspiration and precipitation makes water available for everglades.

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