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After reviewing both articles, the major biological components of an ecosystem include: non living and living. Human activities will affect non living components through the utilization of natural resources to run the modern world. This will cause various forms of CO2 to go into the atmosphere. At the same time, it will affect the layout of the land from development. Living components will impact the different types of wildlife inside a specific region. Humans can influence what lives there and determine if they will become extinct from their activities. (“Big Cyprus,” 2011)

The main points of both articles are that climate change is having a negative impact on Florida. This taking place in a number of areas to include: rising sea level / coastal erosion, shortages of natural resources, extreme weather patterns and intensified wildfires / insect outbreaks. The result is there will be more hurricanes and increased amounts of coastal erosion. (Breur, 2013)

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The studies from Big Cyprus and Breur differ from each other by focusing on certain aspects of climate change. The video is taking more generalized approach by showing the lasting effects on the planet. While the article, is carefully examining the impacts by focusing on a specific region (i.e. Florida). (“Big Cyprus,” 2011) (Breur, 2013)

The major climate change impacts will have an influence on how natural resources are utilized and divided among different segments of stakeholders. This will create a shift in thinking with each group vying to have more of them. In the future, this will cause greater amounts of competition in the process. (“Big Cyprus,” 2011) (Breur, 2013)

To support contrasting viewpoints, many scientists will claim how these numbers are something which has occurred at other times in geological history. This means that many of these findings could be taking an alarmist perspective. When in reality, nothing is going to be occurring over the long term. The basic evidence is focused on using scientific studies to contradict the findings from others. (“Big Cyprus,” 2011) (Breur, 2013)

The point of view that I agree with; is the one which demonstrates how global warming is become a major issue. This is because they are highlighting the real time effects on everyone over the long term. The most convincing point is the predications about what will occur and how some of this is already taking place (such as: water shortages and brush / forest fires from dry conditions). The less convincing points are denying climate change is occurring, when in fact it is impacting everyone. This is taking place through seeing how the Earth is getting warmer and the more extreme weather patterns. (“Big Cyprus,” 2011) (Breur, 2013)

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