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Education Gap Essay

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Between the time I graduated from High School and enrolled at Penn State, I took some time to consider the ideal location for my studies as my family is based out of Kuwait. As an exchange student in the U.S. during my junior year in High School, I experienced amazing opportunities, and fell in love with studying. Excelling in every subject, I learned how invigorating studying outside of my home country can be. I learned that studying outside of one’s home country can afford a student many new and exciting opportunities. My father studied in the Czech Republic; as an experienced traveler and explorer, he encouraged me to study abroad as part of my life’s journey. This is one reason I decided to leave my home country and study in the U.S., making a final decision to enroll at Penn State. I believe taking the time to choose the right opportunity is essential to one’s collegiate success, as is evaluating the reasons for one’s enrollment.

During the time between High School and my enrollment at Penn State, I applied to several universities to be certain that I could attend college. I also applied for a scholarship from my government, which I am pleased to say that I received. I also made a firm decision about where my number one choice of schools would be if I were accepted in the U.S.; that choice is Penn State. Penn state promotes the interest of the general welfare of the citizenry of the people, something I am interested in pursuing. In addition the University has a reputation for leadership in teaching and research.

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Other duties I attended to during my enrollment gap included working on Math, as math is not something I am forced to do, but rather something I enjoy doing. I am one of those people that finds performing linear algebra and geometric puzzles fascinating. I also worked on my App club, and visited different types of engineering, including: mechanical, civil, electrical, and architectural, so that I am better prepared to select a specialization once I finally attend college.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope this better explains my enrollment gap and reinforces my interest in Penn State.

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