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Effects of Prescription Medical Disposal on the Environment

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In most cases, patients do not dispose off their drugs in an appropriate manner. This results in the pollution of the environment. One of the issues which make this more dangerous as presumed is because drugs can be dangerous to both the environment and people who consume them without prescribed advice from the doctor.

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Drugs should be properly disposed off after use
If drugs are not kept and kept well, they can serve as pollutants to the environment.
Drugs can be picked from the dustbin and trashcans by people who are ignorant of their side effects.
When trash is not disposed well, children, homeless people, and animals may use them for alternative reasons thus placing their lives in danger.
The environment is often polluted by litter which from various sources. One of the sources in this case is proscribed drugs which are known to have dangerous side effects when consumed without medical guidance.
Careless disposal of drugs on the environment is known to reduce the quality of life of human beings in that particular environment.

Drugs are essential for the sustainability of the environment as a whole. As such, they should be used, stored, disposed off well. If drugs are not handled in the correct manner, they may cause negative effects on the environment. Some of the effects may result in illnesses, environmental pollution and death.