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Engineering Ethics: Global Warming

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Evidences or Data from the PPT That Support Global Warming
Global warming is real; this implies that the information about global warming by various agencies around the globe should be taken serious and necessary actions taken to stop this global disaster. The understanding and contributions of global warming are spread across all professions and areas of study. Engineers are among the professionals better placed to bring out the understanding of global warming based on their decisions and activities which have a high impact the environment. It is essential to take of the fact that engineers are involved activities which can influence global warming. On the hand, it is worth recognizing the fact the same engineers can be the pioneers of good environment policies and other strategies to avoid issues of global warming. From an engineer’s perfective of environmental concern and understanding, the Power Point presentation has enough evidence supporting the existence and the impacts of global warming. Based on the PPT’s data it is clear that global has negatively impacted on the environmental thus exposing lives both on and in the sea to various health risks.

Starting with information in ocean degradation from the PPT, which is a clear indication of the negative impacts of global warming. Ocean degradation as a result of harsh climatic condition has led to the reduction in ocean population. It is essential the fact global warming has contributed to the reduction in water level of some important water bodies across the globe. This has contributed to the much experienced ocean degradation thus reducing the chances of lives in the ocean. In addition, some of the chemicals resulting from various human actions who are the major contributors towards global warming have led to the introduction of toxic substances into water bodies thus endangering ocean lives. Tropical deforestation is another piece of information or data from the PPT which support the existence of global warming. Tropical deforestation is exposing the globe to direct sun rays. It is an action which has contributed to the large deserts or arid areas experienced across the globe. It is important for engineers and other professionals to acknowledge the role played tropic forests in providing cover to the ground and being important water catchment areas. The other significant data or evidence supporting global warming is the depletion of water and food resources which is a major contributor towards population reduction. In conclusion, the PPT provides important which communicates the extent of damage by global warming across the globe.

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Five Strategies that Can Be Used to Bolster the Recognition of Climate Change as a Moral Imperative
Climate change is taking different lines, which are proving unethical to the society hence the need to develop strategies to ensure improved climate conditions. Harsh climate changes, which lead to global disasters like the global warming, should be contained by using ethical and moral strategies aimed at safeguarding and improving various aspects of life. Some of the strategies which are used to better environmental changes include; carbon offsets, sustainable agriculture, automobile fuel alternatives, sustainable energy sources and transportation carbon print. A keen look at these strategies, points at reduction in toxic emissions, natural agriculture with no chemical, or pesticide involvement; and reduction of automobile fuel consumption for a healthy environment.

Code of Ethics for Engineers
Every profession is led by set code of ethics which is meant to ensure professional activities conform to various moral standards within the society. Based on the fact that the engineering activities have direct impacts on the environment; engineers’ code of ethics is expected to help engineers make eco-friendly decisions, to avoid environmental disasters like global warming. One of the codes of ethics elements for engineers is to ensure no plant or construction with harmful implications, such as gas emissions and loud noise should be erected close to residential places. Apart engineers are also expected to take note of safety emission and discharge on water bodies, this implies that engineers are design or provide for safety emission during any constructions or plant erection.