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Electrical engineering is a substantial branch of engineering as such. That is why there was a full presentation dedicated to the topic of electrical engineering, career perspectives and potential ways of applying the knowledge for students. Dr. Mousavinezhad focused on various perspectives of electric engineering and means to apply the knowledge from electric engineering in practice. Evolutionary contribution to the electric engineering was taken into account, too. That is why the role of electric engineering has become such a substantial way to work with in terms of engineering.

During the presentation, students had a chance to discuss career perspectives and think of the possible ways to apply the knowledge gained in practice. A lot of students were really wondering what are the potential ways to work with the electric engineering, and professor clearly talked about that. Personally, I was really surprised with the interdisciplinary perspective presented during the presentation. In other words, many sciences contribute substantially to the process of electric engineering, such as physics, chemistry. The end product results in power systems that complement a lot of constructed structures which enhance human operations.

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The presentation also discussed how electric engineering correlates with other dimensions of engineering. Even though it was difficult from the beginning to understand what electric engineering really does and how different it is from mechanical engineering, in the end I realized the importance of engineering very clearly after watching the slides. Also, the presentation provides a clear idea of how this knowledge can be applied in professional area of expertise, too.

To sum up, the presentation provided clear guidelines of how an engineer can engage in the professional experience. Overall, the knowledge will be very useful to become a really qualified engineer in my future career, so I will definitely refer to the presentation.

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