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As a student with a foreign background, I have had the privilege of experiencing the culture of different environments. As such, it is important to review an important aspect of my life in order to showcase my knowledge and appreciation of my surrounding environment. This will be approached through the analysis of my educational background and achievements in both Kuwait and the United States. The paper is based on how I worked hard to earn my scholarship and its impact on my future choices. An analysis about my environmental surrounding is ideal in expressing my feelings, views, and opinions on this important part of my life (Alromi and Saleh, 15).

A memoir offers a personal experience of a significant part of a person’s life. Therefore, a look at my ethnic background is ideal in understanding my choice to study in the United States. One of the messages that I would like to convey to my audience is the cultural arrangement of Kuwait. Located in the Middle East, Kuwait is has a number of policies which influenced my choice to pursue my scholarship in electrical engendering. Students who graduate with a GPA of 3.0 and have bachelor’s degree or an equivalent achievement cannot get employment in the government. Thus I had to earn my degree so that I can take advantages of all the opportunities availed to graduates in and outside the country (Petrovic 123).

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One of my responsibilities to my parents was to ensure that I graduate with a high GPA in order to receive a scholarship. After graduating, I earned a scholarship to study electrical engineering making my parents experience one of the proudest moments of their life. Before, graduating, both my parents and I worked hard to ensure that I passed my exams. The scholarship is therefore a result of the cooperation between my family and me to achieve my dreams (Petrovic 28).

There are many things that I would like my audience to take away from my environmental memoir. Firstly, the essay should be able to encourage people to work hard in order to achieve their dreams. For example, being a student from a non English speaking country, it was difficult to understand some of the concepts and theories discussed in class. Despite this, I managed to take advantage of my peers and teachers by asking questions where I did not understand. In turn, I became aware of the cultural constraints of my new environment and its effect of my future success (Alromi and Saleh, 30).

It’s essential to understand the significance of the English language in the American educational system. Students from non English speaking countries are required to sit for the TOEFL and the IELTS tests so that they can be admitted into an American college. One of the initiatives I took was to join the California State University (Fullerton English Program) for one extra semester. This enhanced my understanding of the English language in more ways than one.

Additionally, the essay is expected to get a reaction from the reaction through the use of factors in the environment that has an influence on my experience. One of the aspects of this experience that I would want people to take away is the importance of my acceptance into the scholarship program. Arguably, this was a vital moment in my life because it formed a platform in which I could enhance my career. Another dream of my parents was to ensure that I received the best education in the United States. As such, I had to work hard in my field because of the high rate of competition in the subject.

There were many obstacles that I had to overcome before and after getting my scholarship. Evidently, electrical engineering is a challenging subject because of the complexities of the concepts and theories in the subject. Some of the obstacles that I experienced included studying for many hours in the areas that I did not understand in class. The science field is very challenging since more than half of the students who register for science related courses do not complete their studies. My completion of the course is attributed to my hard work and resilience during the times that I had lost all hope and motivation (Petrovic 45).

The environmental memoir explains a very important part of life in school. The essay relieves one of the best moments of my life which in this case was receiving a text and email from the ministry of education about the news of my scholarship. Apart from this, seeing the reaction of my parents was such a fulfilling experience considering the countless sacrifices they made for me over the years (Alromi and Saleh, 67).

To summarize, education is an important part of an individual’s life. There are number hardships that students experience from both an academic and a personal point of view. One cannot make it without a strong support system. In turn, my hard work and effort would be in vein if it was not for the encouragement of my fellow students, teachers, and family.

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