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God is often a personal topic that many individuals do not want to share with others. However, some people are very open regarding their beliefs in a supreme being. Atheists, or individuals who deny the existence of a supreme being, may also be vocal in their denial of God. However, God does exist. I firmly believe that there is a supreme being who guides us in our daily lives. There are multiple reasons to argue that God does exist. One only needs to look at the world and universe we live in to realize that there is a supreme being behind its beauty and creation.

It is well known in science that every cause must have an effect. Therefore, through the process of reasoning, all effects must be the result of a cause. The universe came into being millions of years ago in a remarkable creation process. The creation of the universe obviously is an effect of some action. There has to be an original cause to explain the universe. The cause cannot be an effect of another cause, or the argument would become circular. This action of the original cause was the hand of God. The tremendous force, power and wisdom required to generate this effect can only be the work of a superior being. Every day, we enjoy the effects of God’s hand through the beauty of our planet and the wonder we have when we look to the heavens. The universe also has tremendous order to it. It is not the result of some haphazard creation process. There is a mathematical consistency to it that leaves individuals in awe and wonder. As humans, we still are discovering various aspects about the design and beauty of the universe. We must recognize that this design was not a spontaneous occurrence that happened without forethought.

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As humans, we also recognize certain moral and universal laws that must be obeyed in the world. For instance, murder is morally repugnant. If there are universal laws, there must be a hand behind the laws that guides us. All humans are not likely to come to the same conclusions regarding morality by accident. There must be a higher being that instills these laws in us as humans.

The higher moral laws are not the only thing instilled in human beings. Human beings throughout all cultures and all historical periods have traditionally worshipped some form of a higher being. The need to experience and believe in a superior being appears to be an innate aspect of humanity. This innate belief cannot be explained from a cultural or an anthropological facet. A higher form of being obviously instilled this belief system in humans as a life form. This can only be explained by the recognition that God does exist.

The beauty and patterns in the world also attest to the presence of God. All living creatures share the same DNA subcomponents. This indicates that all living beings were created by the same force, or exactly, the hand of God. This order and structure indicates, as with the order of the universe, that a higher form of life planned the evolving life forms in our world and in our universe.

Some individuals may deny the existence of a god or supreme being in the universe. Others may recognize different forms of God. God likely exists in multiple forms in humanity only because it is the method by which individuals recognize God. All individuals need to find a means by which they can relate to the spiritual guidance humans receive from God. However, despite the various differences in the forms humans recognize, it is impossible to deny that there is a higher being. He oversaw the creation of the universe and world.