Ethics and Product Consumption Paper

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Johnson Controls, Inc. is an international company and leads in the manufacturing industry. The company is environmentally conscious and focuses on manufacturing combustion engine and hybrid vehicles (Hoovers, 2016). It is important to state that the firm has many customers, which it attracts because of its utilization of the six pillars of ethics. Notably, a strong code of ethics set the model that is responsible for organization policies. It operates on a diverse technology. It is founded on the system of delivering value to its clients.

Marketing is a useful tool that has the capacity of influencing the purchasing power of buyers (Udomkit, 2013). Notably, it should be done carefully to avoid misleading customers or persuade them to use harmful products to their health. Honest is the first pillar of the marketing code of ethics. In fact, it is the principal value that Johnson Controls, Inc. emphasizes. The value is demonstrated in the mission statement of the company, which is explicitly explained in its web. The information the firm provides in its network is an indication that the information is honest and open concerning its model. Additionally, it is this model that helps it to gain trusts from its clients.

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The second pillar is responsibility. Johnson Controls, Inc. demonstrates this by ensuring that it delivers its products in the right time to the customers. Besides, it has shown a high degree of corporate responsibility by making sure that its practices do not harm the environment (Hoovers, 2016). Creating and delivering value to consumers is a sign of how it is responsible. Apart from that, it provides products of high quality to show that it is accountable for its actions.

The third pillar is fairness, which ensures that there is a balance between the needs of the customers with the organization’s interests (Udomkit, 2013). Here, Johnson Controls, Inc has clear ways of advertising and uses other forms of communication, such as emails to ensure that it provides reliable information to its customers. It does manipulate its products because its major focus is to offer long-lasting value to its clients and shareholders. The firm does not engage in negative campaigns to win many customers, but provide actual information that helps its buyers to understand it better than before.

The next pillar is respect, which is explicitly upheld by Johnson Controls, Inc. For example, the organization has several supply chains globally, and it intends to increase its diversity (Johnson Controls, Inc., 2015). It respects all its consumers as well as shareholders, the reason it leads in the industry. Moreover, Johnson Controls, Inc. respects the environment and has participated in laws that promote its sustainability.

Transparency is the fifth pillar that Johnson Controls, Inc. displays. The firm strives to communicate effectively to all its stakeholders. When there is a crisis, it significantly investigates the issue and develops a strategy to tackle the problem. For example, it involves other companies, such as Goldman Sachs to advise it in relation to the strategic review.

The last pillar is citizenship, which implies to meet the economic, social, philanthropic, and legal obligations. Evidently, Johnson Controls, Inc. fulfills is obliged to protect the environment when implementing its advertising campaigns (Johnson Controls, Inc., 2015). It also encourages all members to be fair to all the participants.

Although the company is leading in the manufacturing industry, there is a lot that it can do to improve. In this view, it should continue to diverse its operation, and I anticipate that it will reap huge benefits. Additionally, Johnson Controls, Inc. should develop green initiatives. Although the organization is committed to sustainable business practices that minimize impacts to environments, such initiatives will help it to reduce energy cost and improve its brand globally.

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