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Eugenic Excesses Of Adolf Hitler Regime

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Adolf Hitler was very obsessed with racial purity and believed that in Germany there was an Aryan Germanic master race of people. Adolf Hitler believed that Aryans could someday take the world over. In Hitler’s view, a person who was blue eyed, blonde and tall was superior to others. Hitler and the Nazi Party promoted this view throughout Germany socially and in government practice.

One of the practices that was carried out at that time by the German government was the forced sterilization of those who the Nazi party believed to be inferior. Why racial purity and preservation was so important to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party is unclear to me. This seems to be an irrational view, especially when you consider the fact that Adolf Hitler neither had blond hair nor blue eyes, nor did he appear to be tall. Therefore, Hitler did not seem to fit the ideal that he was promoting. Yet, he and his army still felt that racial purity was an important enough cause for all of the atrocities that were committed in furtherance of this view.

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On an intellectual level it seems foolish for those of German to have gone for these ideas from leaders who did not seem to fit their own ideals. On an emotional level, I find it sad that thoughts of world domination controlled the Germans to the point that they would follow a leader who was advocating the mayhem and atrocities that he was advocating. I find it disturbing that that may people could simply follow a leader like a group of sheep.

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