Experiences of Soldiers in WW1

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The world I was one of the most memorable moments in the history of the world. This is because of the global events that occurred during the war and the impact of the war on the social, cultural and economic perspectives of people ion various places. The soldiers were the most active participants in the war in various perspectives. The engagements between the soldiers in their forefront experiences is one of the most horrific moments in their career. The veterans that survived the world war have a full ordeal on the things that occurred during the war and its impacts on their social lives and the lives of their family and friends (C-SPAN, 2015). The main idea of interest for the world was the experiences that the soldier went through during their time on the battlefield and as civilians after the war.

The World War I was a significant event in the history of the world. The engagements of the war are essential for the history class because of the substantial impact of experience in the progression of the world to social and economic stability. One of the biggest experiences that the soldiers experienced in the First World War was the experience they went through in the engagement. The soldiers were involved in combat and direct engagements with their colleagues from various parts. The combat and direct engagement is a very difficult experience for human beings because of the physical confrontation involved. The fight involved the use of very heavy weapons against the soldiers, and this led to a lot of struggle with most of the soldiers (C-SPAN, 2015). The superiority of the weapons and the levels of engagements led to the death of the soldiers.

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The experiences of the soldiers in the war was very traumatic. The soldiers went through experiences that affected their mental and psychological configurations. One of the experiences that were traumatizing was the manner in which they saw their colleagues undergoing painful deaths from the war. The war also exposed most of the soldiers to chronic experiences that include having serious injuries that affected most perspectives of their lives. These experiences had a natural disturbing experience for the soldiers in their lives, and this stayed in their lives for long periods.

While in the combat, the soldiers spent most of their time in the trenches because of the setup of the war situation. Most of the animals and people that died in the war did not get dignified burials and as a result they were left to decompose in the places of death. Therefore, the soldiers were exposed to a lot of bad experience of the smell and stench that came from the decaying human and animal fresh and this was accelerated by the acidic effects of the artillery shells from the explosives. This was one of the biggest assaults that was offered to the smell senses of the soldiers and the soldiers that got closer to the bodies in the trenches (C-SPAN, 2015).

The soldiers experienced a life that was very difficult because of the manner that they were handled and taken care during the war. There was the scarcity of major supplies to provide basic needs for the soldiers while in the war, some of the entities that were completely lacking in the war was the lack of water and food in the battlefield. Some of the available food was provided through unhygienic means because of the lack of good techniques and expertise to give the soldiers the food.

Poor organizational abilities and the nature of the battlefield was also very disturbing for the soldiers. The nature of the field engagements caused numerous challenges on the soldiers because of challenges moving from one point to another. Some of the places that presented massive challenges include the shell-holes. The soldiers also had some challenges crossing over the craters, and some of them had horrific experienced characterized with falling into the craters and under the deep muds, and this caused navigation very difficult. These are some of the challenges that presented challenges for the soldiers towards eliminating the enemy.

The plight of the soldiers was not taken into serious consideration. This is because the people were given false reports on the progress of the war. As a result, the civilians did not have an ideal image of the real engagements that was taking place in the battlefield. The family members of the soldiers were left in the dark regarding their experiences, and this led to big challenges towards tracking the welfare and this led to massive depression. Censorship of the horrors was one of the strategies that were used to keep the faith of the civilians and the soldiers that had not gone to the battlefield (C-SPAN, 2015). The reports that came from the battlefield omitted defeat and exaggerated minor victories.

One of the biggest manifestations of the combat and other fierce engagements in the battlefield was exhibited in the head injuries sustained by the soldiers. The head injuries led to further problems on the soldiers because of the physiological orientation of the human body. The biggest effects of the combat injuries were the resultant post-traumatic stress disorder among the veterans that survived the ordeal. The condition affected the social life of the soldiers because it hindered their social comfort.

One of the main areas of concern was the challenges that the veterans experienced trying to adjust from the battlefield life to their normal lives as civilians (C-SPAN, 2015). This is because of the deep psychological challenges that the soldiers were subjected to and the lack of a stable psychological orientation process to assist them change and have a smooth transition from their experiences in the battlefield to their lives with their families. This made some of them homeless because of the challenges they experienced adapting to ordinary life.

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