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Probably every adult person is to one degree or another dissatisfied with this world or, at least, with some aspects of living in it. However, there are two approaches to this dissatisfaction. Some people are depressed with the subjects of their dissatisfaction, while there are those, who find motivation and driving force in their dissatisfaction. I am, probably, one of such people. And for me the profession of a family nurse practitioner is an opportunity of changing this world for the better, while at the same time helping certain individuals to cope with there, very specific problems.

This is an opportunity, while still it is also a challenge. It is an opportunity to help and change, but this is also a challenge to help in the right way, to meet the needs of an individual, and, while changing the world, to properly recognize the difficulties which need to be faced and the methods, through which they need to be addressed.

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For me the profession of a family nurse practitioner is unique in many respects. First of all this is an opportunity to help individuals, while at the same time being able to bring about societal changes. A family nurse practitioner is not only helping patients, but also establishes communication between physicians of different specializations, who work with the same client. Moreover, it is the honorable role of the practitioner to educate the society about the healthy life style and thus prevent diseases instead of treating them. And in many respects this is my favorite kind of occupation. Though the result are much more clearly visible when treating patients, the unseen results of preventing the diseases seem to me not less important. And this is the aspect of the profession, which directly relates to the society.

As a family nurse practitioner I feel an obligation to do my best in order not to cause any damage to a person. And it is important to remember, that a lot of damage can be done by means of not doing anything. Thus, in order to avoid doing harm to a patient it is critically important for a family nurse practitioner to clearly define their needs. And the needs of the patients are first of all defined through the basic need of being healthy. This is why it is important to clearly understand health and well-being. For me health is the state in which the patient does not need my immediate help, and remains a consumer of my educational services. And the better quality these services are, the less likely such a person is to turn into my patient, into somebody who actually needs immediate help. Health is reasonable functioning of all systems of the organism, and being able to properly support their functioning, understand how they work, but not feel how they work. When a person feels how their organs and systems function, this may be seen as a basic symptom of a disease or disorder.

Unfortunately, in many cases people address medical workers when it is too late to do anything. I want to become a family nurse practitioner in order to change the attitude of people for medical workers and combat the fear people sometimes have before asking for medical help, and on the other hand I want to bring the number of those, who require such help down, by means of educating and promoting healthy lifestyle, as well as advocating for the interests of the patients (Kamaker, ND). I know that I won’t be able to influence the percentage of healthy people in the world. But every little bit counts. I want to be a good nurse, as good as to inspire others, and thus I will be able to make a difference. When speaking of the philosophical approach, I would probably call myself a utilitarianist when it comes to my professional ideals. Along with Goodin (1995), I find utilitarianism to be the right choice for a public philosophy. Since I find it my utmost task to contribute into the health, weal-being, and thus happiness of as many people as possible.

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