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Fast Food Nation

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In the movie ‘Fast Food Nation,’ the impact of the fast food industry in the United States is put into sharp focus as one of the biggest issue today. The social, economic and cultural perspectives of America are some of the major issues that are highlighted in the movie. Special focus is given to the impact of the fast food industry on the health of the Americans and the concentration is shifted to some of the biggest fast food outlets and the fast foods that they give their clients. The inspiration behind the movie is the exposure by bestsellers on some of the facts that have not been unfolded about the fast food business in the United States. The movie gives an insight into an industry that has been widely perceived to be part of the present-day American culture.

In the movie, the marketing director, Don Anderson, of Mickey’s which is a hamburger chain is perceived to have initiated and enhance most famous menu, ‘Big One.’ One of his biggest shock was at the discovery that the product had a fecal matter as one of the components of the meat. This discovery made Anderson travel to Colorado to have a verification from their main supplier slaughterhouse to have an explanation of the production techniques used. His tour to Colorado only disclosed the efficient operational areas that exhibited high levels of hygiene and good production procedures. This gave him an assurance of an immaculate production process from their suppliers.

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However, Anderson is suspicious of the places and production entities shown to him and was not satisfied. Consequently, Don had to meet a cattle supplier to the producers of Uni-globe plant. On his part Rudy told Don that the plant had challenges upholding the required safety and hygiene standards because of their level of production. Rudy told him how the workers at the slaughter house disregard essential preparation procedures life taking time to eliminate the wastes from the intestines. This was one of the manifestations of the lack of care to the clients that take the fast foods and the production companies are only concerned about their sales and not the safety of the clients who take the food. Don’s tour to the meat production house also indicated how the producers can be so much committed towards creating a good public image at the expense of the health of the clients and the American people the depend on their products for food.

After the whole ordeal, Don came to realization of the typical presentations of the fast food producers in the United States and how they may need a close check in order to meet the required standards. One of the pints that comes to the realization of Don is the big contacts between the perceptions of the people as regards to the hamburger and the reality manifested in the standards of production. The health standards of the hamburger are a big contrast of the beliefs of the people which is detrimental to human and food hygiene.

The movie further highlights the plight of the Mexican illegal immigrants in the fast food shops in the United States. The treatment of the employees in the restaurants does not meet the required standards and it indicates how they are exploited to offer their services. The secondary plot of the movie highlights some of the efforts of a young group of anti-corporate activists struggling saving cattle from horrendous conditions. The ending of the movie is glorious because it shows the slaughtering of real cows.