Food Intake

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The foods that were consumed that provided protein were chicken, tuna, beef, beans and cottage cheese. In addition, for breakfast over the 3 days, the protein intake came from yogurt, milk and eggs. The foods that were consumed that provided carbohydrates were sugars and syrups in the cereals that were eaten, as well as breads and potatoes. Specifically, there was consumption of vegetarian pizza, sweet potatoes and an English muffin over the 3 day timeframe.

Foods that were consumed that provided the best lipids were the olive oil used to cook, the Nut Thin crackers consumes and flaxseeds used in a smoothie that was prepared for breakfast. Also, the tuna consumed for dinner on day 2 provided some essential lipids for the body. It appears from examining the daily recommended dietary intake that the carbohydrates consumed were on the high side, thus, going forward it might benefit me more to rid carbohydrates from one of the meals and just solely focus on the consumption of fruits and vegetables, and protein and dairy.

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The protein in each food that was consumed complete protein. Complete proteins are important based on Rose (2010) and Sugar (2013) because they provide the body with the necessary components that it needs to sustain itself and ensure that the individual has enough energy. Additionally, the CDC (2014) adds that proteins are a part of the body and that the similarities in molecular structure of complete proteins allow for the creation of new proteins that have been broken down in the body. In other words, what the CDC is saying is that because humans use proteins through energy, the new proteins consumed that are complete assist the body in replacing what was used.

In terms of achievement, the carbohydrate and protein recommendations were exceeded indicating that based on the consumption of food that I am taking in that I am receiving an almost excessive amount of especially protein. It will be best for me in tailoring my dietary intake to ensure that it is more balanced with both carbohydrates and protein. As far as lipids, I am receiving the necessary amount there as well. It would seem from the sugar intake that I am receiving too much and will need to cease with eating certain foods on a weekly basis and move them to monthly. This will hopefully help me to align more into eating healthier. The macronutrient intake within the recommended range is very important.

If the body does not receive the necessary amounts of nutrition, then it can become overwhelmed in trying to both digest what has been consumed while also seeking what it needs. This can turn into the individual seeking out unhealthy ways to compensate for the macronutrients that the body does not have. Too little protein can lead to lack of energy, and potential hair of falling out. Since protein is a key component of body functioning, receiving enough protein on a daily basis is mandatory for good health. If there is a small amount of carbohydrate consumption, this can lead to extreme fatigue, ketosis, which is when the body breaks down fat as energy, and constipation in certain cases.

Based on the iProfile, the daily intake of fiber that I am receiving does meet the requirement for my age, height and gender. It would appear that I am doing exceptional in that area in terms of it not being overly excessive as with the protein. Since my carbohydrate intake is high but not excessive, this tells me that I am doing for the most part, the correct thing as far as eating the best carbohydrates possible. It is true that I did have an English muffin and a few snacks over the 3 day period but overall, my fiber intake is sufficient based on iProfile. For both soluble and insoluble fibers, I am meeting the recommendation to prevent diseases and ensure proper health. One thing that I have become more and more strict about is eating as many fruits and vegetables as I can throughout the day. I have also incorporated wheat bread and whole grain pastas into my diet which allow me to receive the necessary insoluble fibers needed for proper digestion and health. Moreover, I enjoy eating oatmeal and on day 1, I had a bowl thus I received some soluble fiber.

The foods that provided me with the most soluble fiber would have to be the fruits and vegetables I consumed. Each lunch and dinner, I ate a salad – even if it was a small one. For dinner, in addition to the salad, I enjoyed whole grain products or some form of soluble fiber. Specifically, I would say that the continuous fruits and vegetables (i.e. apples, bananas, grapes, and salads) provided the most fiber in my meals and the least would have to be the oatmeal since I only consumed it on day 1. There are trends in my food choices such as I only purchase natural and/or organic products now from stores such as Whole Foods, for the most part. While this puts a dent in my budget, so to speak, ultimately, I am benefiting from an increased amount of fiber and better food choices.

Still, there are changes that I can make or rather modifications to my diet to increase my fiber intake. I believe that I can eat more wheat in the mornings. With the exception of day 1, the other days I did not eat wheat in the mornings and would have definitely benefited from that particularly for the morning since it has been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The sufficient amount of proteins and carbohydrates are in my favor but I need to balance them more since my protein consumption was a bit excessive. I think what I have learned most about my diet is that I like only certain foods and have become accustomed to eating only certain proteins rather than allowing myself to receive them from foods other than meat.

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