Food Summary

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Fast-food industry should not be blamed for obesity of Americans. We love fast food and do not want to lose our freedom of choice even if the “food police” decide to protect us from the ills of fast food. In this sense, Americans are their own enemies. One good example illustrates this point. The author did small observation of how obese Americans treat themselves as they come to Sandcastle water park in Pittsburgh.

When the author was on The Boardwalk, where one can find a collection of eateries, he did some people-watching. There he saw many out-of-shape adults who came up to make orders. It turned out that many adults ordered fat-laden and artery-clogging food even if they had a choice to order something different and healthier. Unlike the teenager behind the counter, adults tended to order mostly Oreos or Twinkies rather than simple funnel cakes. What’s more, as they ordered large amounts of that caloric food, they thought of the large servings as a real bargain. The author explains that such things happen because people in America enjoy tasty food and do not want to eat healthy but less tasty things.

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The author supports the idea that young people should learn how to choose food from nutritional educators, but disagrees that Americans should continue file lawsuits against fast-food companies. He also thinks that fast-food companies should be allowed to sell their food, because there needs to be an opportunity for people to make a choice even if a person will never buy fast food.

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