Fort Jackson

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As with all organizations, the United States Army could always improve its services. This includes how it runs things at Fort Jackson Basic Combat Training Camp in South Carolina. An important area where the army can make some positive changes is the barracks. In the army, barracks refers to a temporary shelter or hut. The purpose of army barracks is to keep the army population separate from the civilian population. There are multiple reasons why this should be done. It is most important that the army be able to maintain discipline and order among the men and the women in the services. This requires a separation from the “regular” world. This allows the men and the women in the army to recognize that they must function according to the rules and regulations or a military organization. The barracks at Fort Jackson could be improved upon in several ways. Overall, army barracks are often hastily constructed and their appearance reflects this.

Changes to the barracks include increasing the lighting for both practical and safety reasons. The lighting should offer a secure environment both inside and outside. This would enhance the protective environment for the recruits. The barracks should also have wi-fi. In the modern world, this provides a tremendous amount of benefit. Soldiers can keep in touch with family members, as well as expand their education. The internet access would provide the soldiers with an important tool that is vital in the modern world. Modern soldiers must be trained in a modern way. Sanitation is also critical. The new barracks should ensure that this is maintained. This includes toilets and faucets that are handsfree. This would prevent the spread of germs from solider to soldier. Hand dryers should also be installed for this reason. This would cut down on waste, as well as disease.

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No one expects an army barracks to appear as a grand hotel. They serve simple purposes; they must offer the men and women a place to sleep, to bathe and to store their personal supplies. Nearly fifty percent of male soldiers are trained there. Seventy percent of female soldiers go through basic training at this facility. While it may only be the early part of their military careers, it is by far the most important aspect. Basic training determines what type of soldier the individual becomes. For this reason, the barracks should be modernized.

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