Future Marketing Trends

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Two different articles were chosen to respond to the two marketing based questions that have been posed in this assignment. The first of these questions asks to examine the manner in which these articles discuss future marketing trends. Future marketing trends remains a critical concept for marketing professionals as it helps them to develop a keener understanding of how marketing efforts and insights must change in the future. In addition, examination of future marketing trends also helps marketing professionals to avoid complacency as they keep their approach to marketing flexible to adjust to changes within the industry. The first article that was examined for this assignment discussed the importance of the role of return on investment (ROI) with regard to future marketing trends. Specifically, the activity of marketing can be extremely expensive, particularly among firms with a large brand portfolio, like Procter & Gamble. As such, marketing professions have begun to increase their focus on the ROI that is expected as a result of a marketing effort. Marketing professionals continue to identify was in which to maximize the cost efficiency of marketing investments, and the enhanced focus on ROI that has emerged in recent years suggests that emphasis on cost efficiency of marketing investments will increase as a future marketing trend.

The second article that was examined for this assignment contends that social media and other media platforms illustrate important future marketing trends. In particular, recent years have seen a trend where the prominence of direct marketing has been on the decline, while marketers have begun to rely on marketing platforms such as social media as an effective and efficient method of reaching customers and maintain minimal marketing costs. As a result, the article indicates that social media outlets and other media platforms should be incorporated into every level of the marketing mix in order to remain successful in the future marketing environment.

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How are Marketing Strategies Good Predictors for Success?
Any organization or marketing professional that engages in some type of marketing activity will likely employ a marketing strategy in order to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the marketing efforts while ensuring the highest ROI for marketing expenditures. Importantly, marketing strategies can often be good predictors for success when they are examined using logic and critical thinking. Specifically, marketing strategies found to be weak, in that they do not consider the goals of the marketing effort, provide an inconsistent marketing message, or overlook one or more critical elements of the marketing mix, will provide ample evidence to predict relatively low success levels of the marketing efforts. In contrast, organizations or marketing professionals that develop and implement highly comprehensive, sophisticated and well-organized marketing strategies that fully consider all relevant and critical elements, including the marketing mix, relevant stakeholders, marketing message, and organizational goals and objectives, will likely be able to predict higher levels of success over the long term. Essentially, by closely examining and scrutinizing the quality and completeness of a firm’s marketing strategy, one is able to make rather accurate predictions about the level of success an organization will achieve from a marketing perspective. This is one reason why it is so important that marketing professionals and organizational leaders receive and maintain a deep knowledge and understanding of critical marketing concepts and elements, so that they have the necessary skills and tools to develop a complete marketing strategy that is aligned with the organization’s goals and objectives.

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