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Gender Stereotypes in the Workplace

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Chapter 10 of Gendered Lives makes the topic of stereotyping women more evident. The book mentions typifying women as sex objects as seen at restaurants like Hooters (p. 208). I have witnessed this first hand as a friend of mine recently interviewed for a job at that restaurant. She is just a little overweight, so she feels that is why she was not hired.

She did not meet the preconceived sexual objectification of a small waisted, big busted woman as set forth by the management team at this chain restaurant. Furthermore, the hiring of women who are “white, hot and physically fit” at Abercrombie and Fitch, as described in this chapter, is something that goes on every day in young, urban, chic establishments (p.208). Most of the time, these sexual objectifications are not written in any policy manual for fear of litigation.

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It makes me extremely irritated that women are seen merely as sex objects for others to stare at and salivate over. Establishments like Hooters only serve to propound the stereotype of women as being merely sexual objects put on this planet for the enjoyment of others. I would never want any female in my family to be put on display to be judged simply for the size of her breasts or the thinness of her thighs.

Women who do choose to work in establishments such as Hooters know what they are getting into before they even go on the interview, so I think it would be extremely difficult to protest after one is hired. Perhaps if more women applied to work at Hooters but refused to wear the skimpy outfit, the current modis operandi would change. However, as long as there are women who willingly subject themselves to this type of stereotyping in the name of earning big tips, this type of behavior will continue because it is so engrained in our society now and willingly accepted.