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Gender, Sexuality, and Education

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Part 1: How do you think the girls’ developmental and schooling experiences in The Road Out are gendered and shaped by sexuality? Provide a specific example.
All the seven girls come from a poor neighborhood that was once home to the Appalachian workers, but it has turned into a ghetto as described by the author. Throughout their life from the development stage back at their homes to their schooling experience where they meet Hicks they majorly interact with people of feminine gender. In the process, they learn a lot. For instance, at home, most of them are raised by single parents who are either drunkards or participating in prostitution. Back at school, they meet as girls sharing a similar problem. On top of that, they meet Hicks who rose from a poorly educated girly to a Harvard-educated writer.

Part 2: Respond to the following prompt: How was your K-12 schooling experience gendered? How did you learn your gender, and what role did a school play in that?
My K-12 learning experience was female oriented. Apart from having many extra lessons geared towards enlightening us on various topics we also hard a wide range of guests. The guests were majorly women who have achieved a lot in different sectors of life from academics to sports. Apart from that, the close association with fellow female students was an important factor that contributed to me gaining insight of my gender. The several single-sex programs meant for female students also help me academically. As mentioned above, the school was the main organizer of female-based programs as well as the sessions with prominent females of which, majority became my role models. Thus, the school contributed greatly in learning my gender.

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Part 3: As the readings and resources have emphasized, our schools often institute compulsory heterosexuality, enforce strict gendered codes, and limit fluidity in gender expression and sexual orientation. Create a list of 5 strategies, practices, or mindsets/ dispositions that you can put into place in your classroom or embody to nurture healthy and inclusive notions of gender and sexuality in your classroom.

The following strategies will help cultivate a healthy and inclusive classroom regarding gender and sexuality.
i. Always have students work in groups that are composed of an equal number of females as well as males.
ii. Actively encourage students to partake activities that might be considered outside their gender’s comfort zones such when dancing, acting dram and doing sports.
iii. Constantly use gender-neutral languages such as “they.”
iv. Openly challenging female and male stereotypes when giving examples to students.
v. Ensure uniform interaction with both male and female students. One should treat them as he/ she wants them to react in the real world.