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Genetic Engineering Issues

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Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) is one of the controversial issues today across the world. GMOs refers to the unique organisms whose genetic material has been altered to enhance its productivity and quality (Whitman, 2). These organisms have raised a lot of debates due to their benefits that include but not limited disease resistance, their assistance to people suffering from famine, and their increased productivity and nutrition (Seck, n.p.). Food is very essential for human life to maintain quality of health and survive. For this reason, GMOs have dramatically spread across the world and its high time to find ways to curb their impact. From one end, GMOs are detrimental to our health. Additionally, transgenic crops cause huge risk to the environment (Whitman, 3-11). The next issue is that companies that are closely linked to GMOs, tend to monopolize food market. To avoid spread and use of GMO, GMO products must be labeled and people be informed on their harmful effects.

Supporters of the genetic engineering believe that use of biotechnology to enhance the dietary of distinct foods crops is beneficial to people suffering from various deficiency diseases. Additionally, they argue GM foods can generate some medicinal values if specific genes or vaccines are injected (Seck, n.p.). Despite these claims, it is worth noting that GMOs are just but provisional results and not ultimate solution to the nutritious enhancement of foods and medical merits. Despite the supporters’ argument, GMOs negative impact outweigh the positive impacts.

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Generally, genetic engineering is a very strong and possibly very harmful tool and has recently arose a huge debate (Rockwall, n.p.). With the advancement of technology, modification of nucleotide has been made easy, however, numerous ethical issues have emerged. For instance, genetic engineering exposes both animals and plants to diseases that are hard to treat (Rockwall, n.p.). Additionally, the environment is exposed to long term harm and more suffering for the transgenic organisms.

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