Getting a College Degree and Selecting an Occupation

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As a student at California State University, Stanislaus, majoring in Business Administration, my goals are to complete college and own my own business. The business major was chosen three years ago. The emphasis will be on marketing and finance. Getting this degree is important as a first step towards working with a fortune 500 corporation and ultimately owning my own business.

Plans are to complete the program in five years with advisement from the Business department. Part-time and summer jobs are critical to business growth and the ability to pay college tuition. As an Assistant Manager – Front Office Supervisor, skills learned are communications, customer service, conflict management, supervisory, and leadership. This job and similar jobs influenced the selection of business as a major. Parents and teachers recommended college attendance and becoming an officer in the U.S. Air force. They are supportive emotionally and financially with these college plans. Family members and friends suggested the occupation of a chef because cooking is a daily favorite. Career assessment tests are options and discussions with an academic advisor are planned. This will be valuable in solidifying business as a choice and highlight other career interests which are available. Achieving the dream of becoming a business executive was decided seven years ago.

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Accomplishing this goal will provide the ability to have an enjoyable career, own a business, and have a family. Rewarding aspects of a business career are working with a large corporation that offers advancement and the ability to learn, as well as monetary success. Developing marketing and finance skills are important for long term victories and business ownership. Courses in marketing and selling and sales management, as well as finance courses in business management and security analysis and portfolio management are important for understanding and making money. Accomplishing this goal is a priority and support from family and friends are essential.

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