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Getting Started on The Right Foot

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Objective: To further analyze how to build reliable and trustworthy partnerships in order to start out on the right foot towards being successful. Methods: Mentoring interactions and relationships is the key. Preparation is also a key component to mentoring and building reliable and trustworthy partnerships. Results: Their learning sim re significant and focused, their time is better spent, and their satisfaction with the relationship is higher.

Learning is the most important part of your life. It is the primary purpose, process, and product of mentoring. Building reliable and trustworthy partnerships is the glue that keeps relationships going steady. The differences between mentoring interactions and mentoring relationships is the commitment to the learning aspect and to the relationship aspect. Mentoring means that the mentee and mentor work together, as one, to achieve a mutually expressed leaning goal or goals.

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Preparing is a crucial building block for anything you do that you want to be successful at. Without preparation, there is no way there will be any success. Investing in mentoring requires maintaining a vibrate mentoring partnerships, connecting with your partner in a meaningful way, help each other, and keep one another on track. However, the preparation phase is often skipped over because one feels that they have already been through this phase. But allowing yourself the time to prepare opens up doors for the mentee and mentors to have an amazing learning opportunity.

Steinbrunner stated, “Preparation is key. Understanding the ultimate learning goal helps eliminate false start and dead ends, and makes for more effective mentoring relationships. Preparation has forced me, as a potential mentor, to reflect on the gap of experience between what I bring to a relationship and what the mentee brings in terms of experience. You should never take your experiences for granted in mentoring another person.”

Another major part of being successful and building reliable trustworthy partnerships is communication. No matter what job you decide to make your career, you are going to have to communicate with a lot of people, such as coworkers, administration, customers, and etc. If the mentee and mentor are able to communicate with one another then it helps reduce the risk of assumptions and encourages them to stay focused on the task at hand. If the mentee and the mentor have open communication with each other, this minimizes misunderstandings and helps them to work together and get the job done quicker.

One important thing that the mentor needs to ensure they do is to discuss the needs of the mentee. This will show that the mentor is concerned and cares what the mentees needs and wants. The mentee should ask the mentor questions, and the mentor should explain exactly what they would like to get out of being mentored. If the mentee or mentor feel that they are not building a reliable and trustworthy partnership, then they should let one another know. Having a trustworthy partnership is very important because whatever information is discussed between the mentee and the mentor should stay between them.

The mentor’s role is to make sure they guide, support, and give adequate advice to the mentee. The mentor also needs to make sure that they set the mentee up in the best way possible in order to be successful in whatever they are being mentored in. If the mentor and mentee are able to sustain a reliable and trustworthy partnership within the time they have spent together, then they will have accomplished something. Being able to trust and rely on someone is truly something to be thankful for. If the mentee feels comfortable or has confidence in the mentor, then this mean they can only build a successful partnership from there.

By preparing before they agree to mentor relationship, mentors and mentees gain simplicity about what it is the other person is looking for in the relationship. They also learned what the other person and how much the other person is willing to contribute to it. Being a result, their learning is more significant and focused, their time is better spent, and their satisfaction with the relationship is higher.

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