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Globalizing Eating Disorders

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The health of women depends on various factors. These factors vary from socio-economic to cultural factors. One of the most common aspect that affects the health of women is the psychological makeup. Women psychology revolves on the portrayal of their image towards other people. The ultimate effect of image is the formational of relational ideologies that link the phenomenon to various aspects of sociology like appearance and lifestyle (Mirror, 2014). Media plays a substantial role in propagating the difference in the perception of image between men and women.

Anorexia nervosa is a syndrome that ids perceived to be an eating disorder (Botha, 2010). The main characteristic of this syndrome is self-starvation. This is a sense of trying to alleviate depression that is caused by perception because of ideologies and philosophies in the social arena that define the meaning of image in women. This leads to starvation and other activities that may lead to weight loss or acquisition of a certain body outlook that is believed to be standard on women. The population that is affected by this impression belief are young women and teenage girls who adopt dieting habits to the point of near starving (Glaser, 2004).

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The media and society play a big role in the way people think about their images. This makes people to strive in order to achieve a certain features in the body. Without the preferred set of body features, an individual is likely to strive to achieve self-esteem. This is because this is perceived to be the most ideal body. Women who not achieve these standard body features naturally turn to artificial measures in order to ascertain their position in the society to achieve what others can appreciate (Glaser, 2004). Some of these measures include application of cosmetics and surgery. In the quest for this unachievable perfection, women find themselves being involved in excessive exercises and eating too little and thus depriving their bodies of sufficient nutrients (Mirror, 2014).

Globalization has led to the creation of various cultures because of interactions (Botha, 2010). This is because of the numerous sources of information and information technology that provide various platforms for information acquisition and transfer. Different organizations are creating different adverts that are very influential to young people because they indicate ways in which they are supposed to look like. Both men and women have been affected by this ideologies. This body figures and sizes are perceived to cause more attraction than the others that do not meet the standards. Unlike men, women are the most affected by this condition. This is because women psychology is oriented more towards how other people perceive them than their personal wishes. They tend to do things for the sake of building an image for other people to see (Botha, 2010).

Anorexia is a situation that is unacceptable in the social cycles (Glaser, 2004). This is because it leads to unhealthy conditions in the human body. In the extreme situations, it is likely to lead to body complexions that may lead to fatal illnesses. The ultimate effect may be death of permanent failures on some body organs. This condition may lead to people becoming underweight which may not be attractive.

In conclusion, most people want to be healthy. Eating habits have been adopted in most cases as the ways that are used to enhance healthy living (Keel, 2003). Nutrition and eating habits exposes people to extreme body conditions that can be obesity and underweight conditions. While trying to acquire the standard body images, people reduce the eating quantities significantly. This cannot be accepted as a normal condition because it leads to many complications on the health of young ladies and women. Some of the complications include nutritional deficiencies, cardiac problems, poor wound healing, anemia and osteoporosis (Mirror, 2014). Therefore, the bid to acquire psychological satisfaction in women is not good for their health as this may lead to further psychological stress and depression.

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