Goals In Life Essay

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Becoming a nurse practitioner is my dream career because I enjoy being a nurse and it gives me fulfillment and meaning to life. Nursing has taught me the importance of being resilient in achieving goals and having compassion for patients at all times. It is truly satisfying to give hope and comfort to the sick who are vulnerable and dependent on the professionals to restore their health. But to be a useful nurse practitioner, I not only require the skills, but as much knowledge as I can to apply to my skills. The more I learn, the more competent and reliable I become to myself, my team, my patients, and the community at large. That is the reason I present my application to the nurse practitioner masters’ program.

I have been a Registered Nurse for five years thus far. I graduated from East Central University in Ada in 2011. Shortly after completing my undergraduate studies, I launched my nursing career in Okmulgee in a small rural hospital on the Medical/Surgical floor. At Okmulgee, I gained substantial work experience working in medicine and surgery, geriatric psychological unit, and as a house supervisor. I have always found satisfaction in working as a nurse practitioner in my current capacity. However, I would now like to expand my scope of practice and knowledge in order to achieve and learn more so that I can be able to manage healthcare at a community level in my community. I would like to promote preventative care in my community through community healthcare, primary healthcare, and geriatric care. I would like to be able to give patients more individual attention and to help them to manage their illness properly.

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I would like to work towards acquiring more education so that I can be more helpful in my community. I understand that effective and good education and healthcare systems are factors that make communities thrive. Through acquiring and passing on knowledge to my colleagues and patients, I hope to make a better community through my contribution in health and knowledge.

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