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Graduation Essay

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When we start our academic year, we generally assume that graduation means we have accomplished our learning objectives. But now that graduation is round the corner, I realize graduation is merely a chapter in the book of life and graduation merely means one is embarking on another educational journey. This even holds true when you complete college or Master’s or even PhD because life itself is a learning experience until one’s last breath.

When I started the academic year, I had no doubt I will graduate with impressive grades but I never realized how much I would learn in a short period of time. I have not only acquired valuable knowledge in different courses but have also learnt other valuable skills that are essential for success in college as well as the real world. First of all, I have learnt that education is not only about understanding concepts but also about questioning things and having an open mind. I started my academic year with a goal to ace all courses but I end my academic year with a goal to never stop questioning. I am not hesitant to admit I am proud of finishing the academic year on a high note but I also have the humility to acknowledge there is so much more than I don’t know.

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I have also learnt that people do not assume distinct roles in an academic institution such as either being a student or a teacher but the reality is that everyone is a student and a teacher at the same time and I credit my course instructors for this valuable insight. I studied under the guidance of some of the best instructors one could ask for but I could not but help notice that they were as willing to learn from us students as we were from them. Similarly, I have learnt a lot from my friends and other fellow students who each have lived a unique life and come from different backgrounds.

I have also learnt in school that successes and failures are part of the games and the important thing is not falling short of expectations but rather not giving up. I did well overall in academics but that is not to say I didn’t have disappointments. But even disappointment became a motivational tool for me. In other words, motivation can come even from the most negative circumstances.

School has also taught to me that we do not exist in isolation but are part of the society. the volunteer activities I was encouraged to participate in have broadened my worldview and and have me realized that society prospers when those with better fortune help those with less fortune. Before this academic year started, my dreams revolved only around me but now my dreams include making difference in the world. I am grateful to our ancestors in the past who helped create a better world for us and it is my hope my efforts will help build a better world for the future generations.

Some goodbyes are more painful than others and as I bid farewell to school life, I make a pledge that I will never forget the valuable lessons I learnt this year. I am grateful to this year for making me a better person and I want to measure this academic year not by the grades I have achieved but by the progress I have made as an individual as well as a member of the society.