Group Marketing Project Part A – Progress Check and Response

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The tourism sector in is among many other industries that peg their popularity and success by means of publicity. The services and products that tourism offers to the consumers, must also comply with the relevant government policies and regulations. It must thus, be understood from the outset that tourism industry is a very sensitive industry as it depends on other various factors such as weather, climate, the economic status of the people and government policies. Therefore, the administration of any company that ventures in the industry must consider all these factors in coming out with the range of services and products and the charges therefrom. Competition is always rife in this specific industry (Scott, 1998).

The brochure by Off Beat Eco Tours enumerates several services and products as a preserve of any clients who would seem interested. The range of services offered is a reflection of the company’s capacity (financial and or otherwise) and interest to serve its clientele. Services such as swimming under waterfalls and visiting far-flung Noosa Hinterlands and deep rainforests require high-powered vehicles and personnel. The brochure lacks in explaining whether Off Beat Tours can actually deliver. The services and products are actually eye-catching, but the million-dollar question is whether the company has proper and approved logistics. However, the fact that the company offers transport to all clientele is a good idea in that there is reduced air pollution due to combustion of fuel which would arise if every client were to travel in their own vehicles.

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Marketing activities have been and will remain fundamental in the industry. The truth is that the future of this industry is still purely dependent on marketing due to competition all over the globe. The only change that might evolve is the platform of advertising and marketing. The social medial and the development of technology will shape the marketing landscape in future. It can therefore be deduced that the situation will only be pro-active (Scott, 1998).

  • Scott, J. (1998). Fundamentals of leisure business success: a manager’s guide to achieving success in the leisure and recreation industry. New York: Haworth Press.

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