Gun Control and Rate of Mass Shooting in America

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The sampling method that I will use is gathering information from relevant places using interviews and filling questionnaires. Obtaining statistics from affected individuals, and comparing their opinions to those of gun policy experts. The statistics will help in giving an accurate account of the mass shooting and what the people affected by such events feel. It also acts as a confirmatory test for data obtained from secondary sources. This data once sampled and compared to recorded information helps in determining the strength and reliability of the sources in question.

Sampling size will be in the US. All the states affected by gun violence in the last decade will be of priority. The reason for considering the more current information is to find causative factors for mass shootings and relating them to the proposed policies. Therefore, considering that this sample size, it is evident that all races will be included in the study and the report obtained will be gender sensitive.

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Questionnaires can be designed to acquire information from individuals where necessary. The reason for this is to ensure the victim’s privacy and enhance their truthfulness while giving sensitive information to avoid discrimination. For more general information, face to face interviews will be used with simple questions asked. Most of the questions in interviews will be close-ended questions.

According to Fish (2015), gun violence is not limited to any religion as most people think. In fact, it is concerned with other factors like hatred and crime. Therefore, the study will not in any way focus on religion. It will spread across members of all religions, disregarding any victimization.

The importance of such a generalized sampling is not only to ensure that there is no discrimination but to help the researcher approach the issue with an open mind. Most of the available literature has been criticized as it focuses on trying to find the perpetrator’s belonging compared to the reason for the crime. This assumption leads to unreliable information

The areas and sources consulted include prison records, government reports on crime, and international bodies like United Nations reports. The information will be harvested from the internet and analyzed accordingly. My sample population will include experts in the field of gun control, their opinions and experiences.

Similarly, hospitals can be a favorable place for obtaining information. Patient’s records in the hospital concerning mass shooting help to give a statistical view of the situation. This research can also be done in the internal security and police departments. Experts in this field are of divided opinions on how guns can be controlled. However, most of them feel that it is crucial to implement policies requiring arms sellers to run background checks on their customers. These checks may include their criminal history and whether they had gang affiliations in the past (Bui and Katz, 2017).

Considering that 40% of Americans that owned guns in 2017. It is predicted that more than half the population in this country will be gun owners in the next two decades. Comparing that there have been 11,000 victims of mass shootings, the number is likely to go even higher if the regulations are not enhanced. This data may translate to more than 15,000 new victims of the mass shootings.

If the policy of background checks and more stringent rules were introduced, the cases of mass shootings would drop according to most experts. This drop would also help in reducing the campaigns staged by lobbies on firearms in the US. However, a number of them have noted that it is impossible to have zero cases of gun violence. This impossibility is because it is impossible to have a lenient system that checks on gun holder’s background exhaustively.

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