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Halting Problem

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With respect to the theory of computability, the halting problem is depicted as the issue that emanates with the determination of an arbitrary program as well as the input and consequently whether the program will substantially complete or will be constantly running (Calude, 2012). One of the integral discoveries that have been made as a result of previous mandates was the mathematical depiction of what a computer is as well as the computer programs that have been incepted. It is imperative to take note that the halting problem is amongst the most incumbent decision making problems that are brought forth by computer programming.

The problem is denoted as one that arises with respect to the diversity of the properties of computer programming with specific regard to the fixed-tuning model; that of computation. This, as depicted by Calude, (2012) are programs that are capable of being encoded within a programming language, one that is both general and universal and coherent to the computer programs. The halting problem is meant to, based on a program as well as a consequent system with this regard, depending on whether or not the program will at the end put a stop to the run on the same input ti the computer program.

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There are no significant shortcomings on the extent to which the time or rather the memory meant to execute the problem. The program may take arbitrarily longer and event takes much more space before coming to an end. The question then emanates on whether the computer program will even come to a stop with regard on a specific program input. The halting problem is an integral aspect as it is one of the initial problems that were deemed, through research, undecidable. After that, a substantive number of undecidable problems have also been elicited.

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