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Health Fraud: Enforcement and Compliance

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From the summarized case study, it is apparent that health care institutions could be faced with many incidences of fraud, some of might result in huge financial losses that might be accompanied by relatively low levels of quality (Fabrikant, Kalb, Bucy, Hopson, 2014). The management of the organization needs to be aware of the fact that fraud can lead to adverse effects, and aim at adopting measures that can deter them from happening. Fraud in health care facilities can be prevented by educating the personnel about various aspects of the vice. For example, it would be critical to informing the personnel about types of fraud in the workplaces and their short-term and long-term impacts. Furthermore, the staff would be told that they have critical roles in preventing fraud in the firm. For example, they could be informed that they need to be very thorough when checking consignments that would lead to serious cases of fraud. Second, it would be prudent for the management to enforce adopt laws that would discourage people from engaging in fraud (Fabrikant et al., 2014). For instance, if people know that fraud in health care organizations is punished by the law severely, then there would be fewer cases of fraud. In fact, this approach of the law has been applied in many firms in the past to minimize the number of fraud cases. Third, the management can prevent fraud by adopting regular monitoring approaches that can help to identify cases of misappropriation of funds. For example, every head of a department would be in charge of regular checks, whose results would be given to the senior management team. In addition, with the goal of achieving independent results, the firm could hire external firms to conduct monitoring and evaluation of preventive measures and their findings should be compared with those from all departments conducted by heads of departments (Fabrikant et al., 2014)..

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