Health Services

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Over the course of 100 years, health services have changed and increased from the 1800’s to the 1900’s more specifically technology wise. In the 1800’s there were no computers or technology to keep track of patients and patient records as well as the health problems that the patient may be going through or have had. These days technology has taken over pencil and paper to keep track of important patient records. During the 1800’s the beginning of hospitals took place as well as the beginning of organizing records.

In describing the major trends in the evolution of health care services in the United States over the past 100 years, there began both social and political development with laws being passed political wise to go along with the medicines as well as the way these medicines were handed out to the patients that needed them in the 1980’s. After the 1980’s there was a change of health care from being a clinically driven system to being economically driven.

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Currently in the 2000’s, theses health services have changed from being filed in a filing cabinet to being added into a computer to pull up a patients’ record and to see the patients’ family medical history to their most recent check-up. In this day and age, everything related to a patients’ medical history is being added into a secure computer program in order to input when the patients last medical check-up was and to continuously update the record if there is a change in the patients’ medicine or an appointment that the patient will need for either a check-up or possibly a surgery if it is needed and to continuously input how the patient is doing.

Medical technology has affected clinicians and organizations because now the clinicians need to adjust using a computer to input a patient’s information as well as the doctors. If a clinician or a doctor is not entirely used to using a computer because of being used to using pen and paper, this can take some adjusting on the clinician or doctors part in order to input the necessary information on a patients’ record for later use if needed. When it comes to the organizations, these organizations have to do a few hours of work by getting everything set up for the use of a computer file rather than just simply going to a filing cabinet and getting the patients’ file out for the doctor and clinician to use.

In recent years electronics have been making businesses move up to being more technologically advanced, in some ways technology is a good thing and in other ways technology can be a bad thing. Technology is a good thing because it helps keeps a patients’ file a bit more organized than what a filing cabinet would do for the same file. Technology can be a bad thing as well. With technology being the only means of organizing without a back-up, this can make things very difficult if there were to be a power outage or the electric would go off. Without electric or a generator then it will be very hard to pull up an individuals’ file if there were no back-ups such as a filing cabinet with the same information in it for each patient just in case a situation such as this were to come up. Medical technology and evolution have begun playing a more up front role relating to a patient and a patients’ file for their medical history and their recent check-ups as well as the medicines he or she has been taking.

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