History of Public Health

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The basics of healthy lifestyles are embedded on our personal behavior, actions and preferences in life. The benefits of healthy lifestyles provide the mandate to acquire healthy lifestyles as an obligation to all. Brown said that, the significant benefits that come alongside healthy lifestyles give us a reason to assure ourselves of healthy lifestyles.

These benefits include; the prevention of diseases, increased energy, injury prevention, good mental health and healthy weight. One of the long-term outcomes of healthy lifestyles is the prevention of diseases such as heart attack, diabetes, and stroke. At times, healthy lifestyles are our responsibilities. For instance the act of changing lifestyle choices and selecting on healthy food choices, which implies having more energy and staying healthy too, are our own responsibilities and means of achieving healthy lifestyles (Brown, 12).

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Injury prevention is one of the benefits of healthy lifestyles that entice us to control our actions in pursuit of getting healthy lifestyles. Healthy lifestyles imply the keenness and paying close attention to safety issues that may otherwise amplify the prospects of being injured. For example, the usage of personal protective equipment in the place of work or while working in a gym will reduce the instances of being injured improves healthy lifestyles. Mental health is directly linked to healthy lifestyles in that eating well, and exercises prevent humans from depression (Brown, 21). This proves that we can choose good health by making healthy lifestyle choices. Good food choices and exercises help in improving moods, sharpening memories and reduction of stress-causative agents like alcohol in our lives.

The elimination of alcohol, stopping smoking and the related drugs from the foods we eat or our diets improves our health from all perspective. This improves better expression of one and good moods. Healthy weights can be achieved too through proper healthy eating and related lifestyles. The intake of a well-balanced diet and the elimination of alcohol and the related drugs and unhealthy substances increase the opportunities to acquire better and healthier weights. Eating of low processed foods, fruits and vegetables helps in acquiring and maintaining healthy lifestyles (Brown, 13-14).

A healthy lifestyle is characterized by a number of things that we as humans can control our exposure to. The choices we make in life determine the kind of lifestyles we eventually have. The health of every individual is dependent on the choices we make on the matters of food choices and physical activities. From different dimensions, healthy lifestyles are checked on the stage of the health of the individual. In cases where the person’s health is already deteriorated by means of personal choices or contamination from the broader environment, it is the responsibility of the public health institutions, health organizations and the governments to restore the health of the individual (Hedberg, 18-19).

As Hedberg suggests, proper health frameworks should be put in place by the concerned authorities in order to provide public health services to the people. Research has found that even though healthy lifestyles is a responsibility of the individuals themselves, the government and the related authorities are tasked with the responsibility to build health facilities and supply health-related services to the people (Hedberg, 23). Disease outbreaks are situations which cannot be controlled by individual choices in the matters related to the same health issues. In instances where there are disease outbreaks, the governments are responsible for health restoration to the people. The health servicing agencies, authorities and other related organizations are responsible for the provision of health services to the affected population.

Even in the occupational areas, for instance in the mining industry, the health and protection of the workers depends on the governments’ laws and policies. The occupational health and safety of the workers depends on the provisions of the law at the national level. The compliance of a given industry in the production or manufacturing sector depends on the set strategies by the government. The policies addressing the health and safety of the workers within occupational areas are derived from the national laws in the given region. The governments are, therefore, responsible for healthy lifestyles in the occupational settings. In terms of food choices the government can control on importation of GMO foods, and this can reduce the access to unhealthy foods (Brown, 15).

There are at times when health is a responsibility of individuals. From the benefits of healthy lifestyles, their causes are bent on personal choices. For instance, making good choices on food types; low processed, rich in fruits and vegetable foods are suitable for all sorts of biological health. The decisions we make to acquire physical fitness like; exercising in the gym gives us mental health and refresh our emotions and moods. These are the times health is seen as the responsibility of the individual in question. Healthy lifestyles are solely affecting individual bodies and that we have responsibilities to take care of our bodies with respect to what we consume (Hedberg, 24).

The benefits of healthy lifestyles compel us to make healthy lifestyles as a responsibility or mandate to be achieved by all concerned authorities and individuals. Healthy lifestyles are achieved through collaboration between the government, top authority policies, and the individual principles. Good health is achieved through consumption of healthy food products, low processed foods and decisions to exercise which form part of personal responsibilities. The government can control the importation and production as well as the circulation of infectious food commodities in the economy. This will improve the health of the population.

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