How Has Technology Changed Communication?

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Communication refers to the process by which information is conveyed from one place to another via a medium with the intent to exchange meaning. Moreover, technological advances all over the world provide the impetus for change in the manner in which individuals communicate. Overall, technology remains in a constant state of change over time and the changes causes far-reaching impacts on other industries such as communication.

Furthermore, in the mid 1960’s main methods used in mass communication involved the use of radio, books and television as well as video cameras and recorders. Important to note is the fact that both the videos and the televisions broadcasted images in black and white as the color technology had not come to existence. In addition, computers came into existence in the 1980’s with the initial production delivering large-size computers with huge memories.

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In addition, in the 1990’s the Palm Personal Digital Assistance was launched that enabled people to store as well as retrieve information that include data, music, photos, calendars and appointments among others. In addition, from 2000 onwards there was the entrance of the internet, video conferencing, multichannel TV, webinars among others. Currently, people can access visual material through their smart phones, laptops, tablets, satellite TV, DAB radio among others.

The modern world has witnessed an upsurge in video-conferencing spearheaded by the Skype technology. Video cameras can now support video charts. Additionally, individuals overwhelmingly use Smartphone’s, laptops or tablets in access online content. Notably, books have been converted into electronic content commonly referred to us eBooks which makes it possible for readers with access to the internet interact with the same.

Overall, communication has witnessed change over the years from simple audio devices to the current video devices that support color. Noteworthy, the future is still open to more changes as technology remains under change implying that communication will continue changing to refine the current communication tools.

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