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How Immigration Affects The Country

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How Does Immigration Affect The Country? Well, there are many things that can come into play when answering this question. It is and always has been a very touchy subject. Immigration can help the country in many ways. Immigrants tend to take the jobs that no one wants to do and they’ll do it for a smaller wage. Immigration also improves cultural diversity in our country. On the negative side however, immigrants who come here illegally adds on a bigger burden to tax payers. Not to mention the crime aspect which is easily one of the biggest downfalls of people coming into our country.

The willingness of immigrants to take jobs others look down on is certainly a positive aspect of immigration. Not having to do these “less desirable” jobs frees up the time for citizens to jobs they actually enjoy. And the fact that immigrants will generally do these jobs for much lower wages than citizens would expect leaves bosses with more money left over at the end of the day while still having the job completed. I would say this is a pro because the citizens are the ones funding this country so being able to be compensated for a more desirable job seems much fairer to them.

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Another pro is the concept of cultural diversity. Cultural diversity is important because it helps us gain a better understanding of different cultures. The U.S.A. is already very culturally diverse in our school systems and workplaces so the more of that we are exposed to on a day to day basis, the more comfortable we are with seeing it in more professional settings. I think that is important because a large amount of our citizens come from different cultures so seeing a lot of that will help our citizens coexist and feel comfortable with one another.

On the downside of immigration, the burden illegal aliens put on taxpayers is astronomical. Each immigrant is costing the US thousands of dollars a year which is less money going into the economy for the betterment of actual citizens. This is one of the main topics brought up when discussing immigration laws because this seems to be very unfair to the people who are here legally. Immigrants are thought of as “freeloaders” who come in, use up our resources, and send most of their money back home to their families putting very little, if any, back into this country.

Then we have the crime issue. Immigration tends to bring in more crime such as moving drugs across the borders and the violence that comes with it. Drug related crimes are a big issue for our country including the border patrol. Even as our borders are tightening up, drugs and money are still finding their ways across. Also, while the US prides itself on cultural diversity, some of the citizens are still not comfortable with the idea of people who don’t have the same beliefs they do. This brings in the issue of hate crimes. Hate crimes, while are less relevant today as they were 50 years ago, are still a trending issue throughout the country.

In conclusion, those who come here illegally add an extra strain and burden on US citizens financially. Those who come here legally but add to the amount of crime also cause a strain on our citizens. And those who come here legally and simply are seemingly just happy to be here, will accept the hard jobs and get paid less for it. Hopefully, one day this culturally diverse country we live in will be much more peaceful and we can accept those around us. All in all, immigration has many pros and cons and these go much deeper than many even realize.