How to Control Guns in the U.S.

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Gun control has always been a serious debate in the United States. Those who are against gun control find that guns are the best way to protect themselves against danger. Criminals are lurking everywhere, and by having access to a weapon, society is able to feel more secure. However, those who are instead pro gun control, disagree. Their argument states that if there were stricter laws for gun control, then less people would own guns. If less people owned guns, there would be less criminal activity and a lower need for guns. No matter what side an individual may find themselves on regarding gun control, it’s clear that too many people have been killed on accident, and too many people have been viciously murdered because of the easy access to guns. This paper will suggest four ways to control the gun use in the United States, in order to keep our nation a safe place to live.

With a US population of a little over 300 million, it’s a shocking fact that there are nearly 300 million firearms possessed by civilians. Only 900,000 firearms are carried by the police. With so many guns roaming the States, it’s not shocking that there are over 33,000 American deaths every year because of firearms. By making the laws about gun control more strict, this immense number may fall. To further enforce gun control, the government needs to improve the background check system, ban assault weapons and large amounts of ammunition, create and enforce stricter trafficking laws, and finally increase the nation’s knowledge of the gun violence epidemic.

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Improving the background system check is the simplest way to help reduce the number of guns circulating in the US. Not only should past criminal activity be monitored, but mental illness should also be a consideration. Further, a family’s mental illness history should also be considered when determining whether an individual is fit to own a gun. Mental illness and a family’s history of mental illness are great indicators if a person is able to understand the gravity of gun ownership. If mental illness within the family is detected, that individual should be subject to psychological evaluations. Secondly, no assault weapons should be purchased by a civilian. Assault weapons have no place in normal society, and their presence to civilians is dangerous. If there is a limit on the amount of ammunition bought, there will be more control on large shootings. If smaller quantities of ammunition is available, less massive shootings will occur, and lives will be saved.

Next, if there were stricter trafficking laws, less guns would be available to criminals. Many guns are bought illegally, and by enforcing trafficking laws, the police would be able to keep illegal gun purchases under control. If less criminals bought guns, there would be far less murders and shootings in the United States. Further, by implementing more metal detectors in schools and public libraries, there is far less chance of someone entering a building with a gun. This again would help control the amount of shootings. Finally, there should be more knowledge about the dangers of a gun. Countless people are concerned about our right to bear arms, but forget that guns kill. Any related gun violence should be known to all, especially young students. Schools should show videos to students in order to help prevent them from future gun purchases. More statistics about gun violence should be known. When purchasing a gun, the individual should need to read several statistics about the amount of people who have died because of the misuse of a gun. Knowledge is power, and with more knowledge on guns, more people would see the real dangers that guns produce.

Gun control is a major issue in the United States, and most people are either pro or against gun control. No matter the stance on gun control, the amount of people who die from gun happenings should be less than what it is today. If the government improved the background check system, banned assault weapons and massive amounts of ammunition, enforced stricter trafficking laws, and increased the nation’s knowledge of gun violence, the United States would be a safer, more gun free environment.

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