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How Will You Delegate?

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Nurses must make important decisions regarding their patients in order to effectively manage their patients and other tasks throughout the day. This requires strong organizational and delegation skills so that patients are treated according to priority, while also considering other strategies to support successful task management as necessary. When working with nursing students in the emergency department, it is important to provide support knowledge to prepare them for what will come when they graduate and begin to work independently as professional nurses. Delegation is part of this process and requires the nurse in charge to make decisions that will have a significant impact on team building, skill development, and knowledge generation activities. Therefore, delegation is a critical factor in the development of a strategy that will improve patient care outcomes and workflow needs within the emergency department.

a)Delegating assignments to other team members requires expert knowledge of individual skills and characteristics that will support professional growth and development through leading by example (Marquis & Huston, 2014). In this capacity, it is important for nurses to properly delegate tasks as related to specific needs as they change throughout the shift, and nurses must be able to delegate based upon key priorities and other factors that will have a positive impact on learning and general knowledge (Marquis & Huston, 2014). It is also important to identify how each team member might provide the best contribution to the team as a whole to complete the required tasks, using delegation as a means of understanding the overall dynamic of the team and its members (Marquis & Huston, 2014). Therefore, delegation must demonstrate that the nurse in charge understands his or her team and their strengths and weaknesses and is prepared to manage the tasks at hand in a timely and efficient manner to accomplish all patient-related tasks and other needs as effectively as possible (Marquis & Huston, 2014).

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b)When delegation is required, a nurse must be able to prioritize tasks and demonstrate a high level understanding of the skills and strengths of each individual on the team (Corazzini, 2010). Delegation requires all nurses to administer high quality care and treatment at all times and to be proactive in meeting patient needs through these activities, while also considering other tasks that will support a strategic approach to patient care and treatment (Corazzini, 2010). Nurses must make decisions that will have the greatest possible impact on patient care and minimize any disruptions that might occur in the nursing care environment, while also demonstrating an ability to work proactively in order to accommodate patient needs effectively and without delays in access to care and treatment (Corazzini, 2010). When delegation skills are strong, they will likely translate into effective outcomes for patients and provide opportunities to improve the growth of the practice environment through these activities (Corazzini, 2010). Nurses who delegate activities and tasks in a successful manner will experience a dynamic that is supportive, understanding, and willing to go the extra mile to meet the demands of the nursing profession and of the patients who are served as part of the daily routine (Corazzini, 2010).

c)Delegating tasks to other nurses also requires an effective understanding of the nursing team dynamic and the challenges of the practice environment that nurses must address as they work with students. It is the responsibility of charge nurses to provide student nurses with the knowledge and resources that are necessary to support their professional growth and development, while also considering other factors that will have a positive impact on patient care outcomes and relationships among staff members (Mueller & Vogelsmeier, 2013). In this capacity, it is important to identify the challenges that nurses face in managing their daily tasks and how to prioritize tasks so that all possible combinations are explored to provide effective outcomes for patients in need (Mueller & Vogelsmeier, 2013). In addition, it is important for charge nurses to address leadership potential with student nurses and to provide strategies to improve skill development and practical knowledge in anticipation of future events that will support students’ professional growth and development (Mueller & Vogelsmeier, 2013).

Time management is an essential skill that requires a high level of support and acknowledgement of the different areas that will impact nurse decision-making in high pressure situations (Mueller & Vogelsmeier, 2013). At the student level, it is important to provide strategies and tips to improve time management so that they are prepared to manage tasks independently in the future upon graduation and job placement (Mueller & Vogelsmeier, 2013). It is necessary for nurses to be effective in treating their patients through proactive and interactive approaches that will have a positive impact on patient outcomes (Mueller & Vogelsmeier, 2013). Student nurses must develop effective time management skills and pay close attention to their surroundings in order to be proactive in meeting patient needs and expectations in a high stress environment (Mueller & Vogelsmeier, 2013).

Nurse delegation is critical to the overall success of any nursing practice environment. Therefore, it is important to identify the skills, characteristics, and resources that are required to meet the demands of the profession and to be proactive in advancing patient care outcomes to a higher level. These factors will support the development of new ideas and approaches to nursing care and treatment that will promote innovation, time management, leadership, and other skills in a coordinated fashion in order to maximize quality of care at all times. In addition, critical knowledge and skills are required to ensure that patients receive the best possible care and treatment under the given circumstances and are able to capitalize on the rewards of the nursing profession.

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