How Women Are Treated and Represented In Islamic Society

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In Islam women are regarded to be tools for men to satisfy their sexual desires, this is because they the holy Qur’an suggests that men can take any woman that they want to bed as long as they are not related and women are not supposed to object any man because all women were supposed to accommodate their husbands and master’s desire at any time. This shows that women had nothing to choose from engaging in sexual affaire with any man in the society .Also women were supposed to get married at early age so as to offer men an opportunity of having virgin girls in their lives. The other oppression about women was that men were allowed to marry as many women as possible because their leader Muhammad’s Sunnah was also a polygamist who promised men many virgins in heaven if they marry such virgins on earth.

Women were supposed to stay at home as home keepers and they were not allowed to engage in any activities that Muhammad had dedicated for men. This is because women were regarded as inferiors and should always be masters of men. This prevented them from engaging in any leadership in the society be it even leading religious functions or even converging in men’s gathering.

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Some women after getting enlighten on the oppressive nature of the traditional Islam, they started to form groups that.

Arab Women rights
Arab spring has greatly influenced a large percentage of women in the Middle East to fight for their rights with an aim of bringing to an end the Islamic traditions that undermined women in the society. Through the Arab spring that is based on the use of the social media such as Facebook and tweeter, women were able to sensitize others on some of the oppressions that they face as a result of the Islam as a religion. Women in countries that were known for practicing patriarchal values have been fighting for political representation and equal rights.

Islamic Feminism of the Middle East Today
Muslim women have come together to fight for equality in the society, through various ways. First and foremost is that women have gained access to education the fact that was unusually during the past period. Through different learning institutions women have been able to launch debates on how they can enlighten all women in the Middle East countries on the negative interpretation of the Qur’an that has prejudiced the lives of women in the society.
Through Islamic feminism women have realized that Islam is just but a religion structure around which the society is formed and since Islam commands for respect and power then women has the responsibility to seek for several reforms that will enable them to proper in terms of the legal reforms and political representation that was initially left in the hands of men.

Islam culture
Most Islamic beliefs and values have been passed from the founding fathers to other generations. Many Muslims practice these traditions despite the challenges brought by the modernity. The Islamic community need to be separated from their analogical agreements and embrace the use of experiments and evident to proof their tradition. They should move away from their primitive devotion that is not based on a proper explanation and concepts. The Islam religion is good but it has been badly influenced by the outdated traditions. If Islam is to survive, they should change their beliefs to fit the modern society or to come up with proper explanations that would prove the critics wrong. Islam’s should adopt new methods to prove that their religion is the only true religion since most of traditions provided by Islam seem to contradict with modern world.

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