Hydrogen Fuel Generator System For A Combustible Engine Vehicle

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With regards to the need to curtail air pollution and its damage to the environment as well as the continued depletion of global oil supplies, the interest in hydrogen as a fuel source has continued to grow. This growing interest is because more energy can be gotten from burning the same amount of hydrogen as gasoline with hydrogen being easily obtainable from water electrolysis. Also, the waste production of burning hydrogen is just water which is environmental friendly.

With this, this intended work is interested to show these qualities in its use within a generator system for a combustible engine vehicle. Data will be gotten through mixed methods and data analysis will be done through qualitative and quantitative methods to create a balance. There has of course being a lot of work done in the area and thus availability of data will not be much of an issue here. With this data, the aim will be to understand and verify the difference when using hydrogen in the fuel generator system as opposed to conventional fuel sources.

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Literature Review Framework
For reviewing relevant literature for this work, we would be looking at the assertion of hydrogen being a much cleaner fuel than gasoline and other conventional fuels. Hydrogen has aslo being touted as more efficient and environmental friendly. Post combustion, water is the only by product of hydrogen unlike gasoline which produces greenhouse gases such as carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide etc.

It has also been posited that a hydrogen fuel system used in a vehicle which is driven by an internal combustion engine, with the system mounted and made up of a gas storage system for storing hydrogen in its gaseous state, with storage system connected to the internal combustion engine, with an electrolyzer which can generate hydrogen stored in the gas storage.

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