Immunization And Vaccines

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Recently, I have felt a deep and increasing hesitation against providing routine immunizations and vaccines especially to the elderly people. My hesitation for routine immunizations and vaccines is because I belief that human beings have the right to make any choices they want for themselves. People should not be forced to undergo immunizations or be provided with vaccines without their consent. Personally, I prefer that our bodies should not be allowed to be immunized. We have a natural immunity which is good to provide the kind of immunity required. People should be immunized on their request but the practice should not be made mandatory.

I have been concerned by the looming attempts to eradicate the whole microbial species from the biosphere. The actions must unavoidably alter the balance of Nature in several unimaginable fundamental ways. The development of new vaccines have even increased the magnitude of my concerns. I believe there is not better reason to continue developing vaccines even though we have the capacity to manufacturer them. We are only demonstrating our power and right as an aspect of civilization to manipulate the process of evolution. Arguing from the viewpoint of our own species purely, we only need to be certain that the use of vaccines is harmless, then children and elderly can undergo vaccination regardless personal susceptibility to any disease and any objection form the parents or the people themselves. Most people can agree with me that certain laws dimmed to be good for the public are thought to be otherwise (Moskowitz, 2011). The laws are meant to convince the public that vaccination and immunization is effective and harmless to their health and they should be vaccinated and immunized even against their will.

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There has been a popular agreement that since the period when vaccines were introduced, there has been a significant decrease in reported cases and severity of natural diseases. However, the facile hypothesis that the decrease is attributed to the use of vaccines has never been proved, and eminent scholars in the field continue to question the agreement (Moskowitz, 2011). For instance, the incidence and severity of whooping cough had already begun to decrease swiftly long before the introduction of the vaccine. The fact led to renowned epidemiologist Dauer C. C to state that, “If the rate mortality continues to decrease at the same rate in the next 15 years, it will be very challenging to demonstrate statistically that vaccination had any impact in reducing the whooping cough mortality.”

Carrying out vaccination for people aged more than 65 years can increase the risk of them being infected by Influenza. The use of such vaccines reduced their mortality rate. The elderly are more susceptible to the effects of vaccination. On the other hand, the safety of vaccine has been questioned. I 1998. British doctor Wakefield Andrew recommended for further investigation to be carried out on the possible relationship between autism, bowel disease, and the MMR vaccine (Galanakis, 2013). Later, Andrew claimed that the vaccine was not adequately tested before it was recommended for use. This was one of the historical stories which raised interest on the effectiveness of the use of vaccines.

I believe that we are far from producing a genuine immunity. However, I fear that the use of vaccines interferes or suppresses the immune response the same way chemotherapy, radiation, steroids and other anti-inflammatory drugs do. Artificial immunization isolates the production of antibody which is a single feature of the immune process (Moskowitz, 2011). I also suspect that the use of vaccines makes it difficult to support a strong, acute response to bodily infection in general, by replacing a weak chronic response with little or no propensity to spontaneously heal.

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