Indigenous Rights

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Although Australian natives have existed for 45 millenniums, they have been exposed to tremendous discriminations. Their land was grabbed while their sacred places were desecrated. Not until 1963, they were not granted the right to vote and choose a leader of their own. On top of that, they did not have water rights, and they were fighting to protect their properties from being taken away.

How natives can tackle the endemic discrimination
With high bias levels, aboriginals should make a bold move and fight for their rights in myriad ways. First, the residents should take to the streets and protest so that they can bring their grievances into national and the entire world attention. On top of that, they should form groups so that they can handle their problems as a group as opposed to individuals. By working together, natives will become stronger as they fight for their rights. Additionally, the team can put more pressure on the government through the legislative arm so that their rights can be envisioned and protected by the constitution. Discriminations such as employment and education can only be adequately handled by the government. Through the legislature, the government should come up with laws that cushion and protect the rights and privileges if the native minorities.

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Root of the problem
One of the causes of discrimination among the aboriginal communities is their small numbers. In most cases, minority groups do not have the threshold that is required to muscle discriminations coming from the majority groups. Moreover, lack of concern from the government has played a significant role in worsening the natives’ conditions. Although the main aim of the government is to oversee the day to day running of the country, security and protection of its citizen is a role it cannot run away from. As such, the colossal government failure to protect and shield natives from any form of discrimination is the original root of the entire problem.

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