Informative Speech About Dreams Becoming Realities

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Since the very childhood, my parents made an ultimate commitment to teach me tolerance, kindness, and how to care for others. Being a part of the 21st century society equipped me with a global viewpoint that I can apply while working for healthcare organizations. It is my firm belief that giving back to the nation could make the world a better place to live; and choosing the nursing profession is what actually creates a platform for me to make best use of my passion to help others. By making a difference in people’s lives every day, nurses deserve way more respect.

In fact, I never gave up my dream to pursue a medical degree. As of now, I am driven by a strong desire to earn a Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN). My primary objective is to enter the next chapter of expertise as a nurse. The major focus is to accumulate knowledge that would endow me with an opportunity to influence change in healthcare. Of course, not every change can automatically lead to improvement. At the same time, any improvement means that certain change has been implemented within the organization.

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Throughout my undergraduate career, I used to work with different patients, and I am thankful for the chance to help them to get started on the path towards a new life. To tell the truth, I managed to obtain skills necessary to deliver compassionate care to a wide range of people. With each day spent in the area of nursing services, I saw my objective directed towards the nursing profession more clearly.

By digging deep into my education and work experience, it would be wise to mention that I always try to be observable and flexible, and getting into nursing school for my BSN would best suit my educational goals. Notably, dealing with a number of medical and social work institutions led me to take another look at how the world should be organized today. From my perspective, the time has come to promote a culture of tolerance.

I have a wide professional experience, spanning over the years. Having earned the vast professional skills, I am firmly minded to claim that I will make a great student at your institution. Sure enough, attaining a Bachelor’s of Science in nursing degree could pave the way to greater understanding how to transform American healthcare system. Yes, I am confident that the United Stated is at the critical moment in the history, the time when the nation must prove its ability to reconsider the attitude towards the role of nurses in building a culture of health. The lack of qualified professors within the area can only jeopardize the chances of overcoming the traditional perception on nurses.

With love of nursing profession, I am intended to encourage students to recognize that being a nurse has not lost its relevance in these turbulent times. More importantly, my priority goal is to cultivate a belief that nursing represents a truly promising career for an uncertain future. In reality, nursing will never be just a job to me, it is who I am. To put the matter differently, nursing allows me to do what I like the most – namely, giving yourself, without asking anything in return. My natural inclination has oriented me towards the field of nursing where I help my patients find the peace in life. It is embedded in my head that nursing must be seen as a way life. Markedly, care giving has always been an integral part of me; this is despite the fact it can be really draining – both physically and emotionally.

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