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Innovation In The UAE

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The world is continuing to develop technological-based products and services are playing an important role. The innovativeness in the world ranges from information technology to chemical engineering with each aiming to fulfill a component that is crucial to the sustainability of the society and how the society continues to operate effectively. Innovativeness aims to create products and services that support environmental sustainability, cultural diversity, economic maintenance and sustenance, and socially acceptable. For example, research continues to develop products that can be used instead of fossil energy because fossil energy is not environmental friendly. In addition, other methods have been introduced such as cloud computing that is aimed at expanding businesses easily without the need of purchasing and acquiring hardware and software. Research also continues on easiness of transport and research is being carried out on development of transport and infrastructure requirements that speeds movement.

United Arab Emirates appreciates innovation and plays an important role in promoting structures, research and development facilities in actualizing innovative products. It includes the creation of institutions where research and development can be done with the purpose of achieving specific goals. Masdar Institute in the United Arab Emirates specializes with postgraduate programs that include electrical power engineering, Microsystems, mechanical and chemical engineering. Some of the research centers in the institution include TwinLab3 Dimensional StackedChips Research Center, Renewable Energy Resource Mapping and Assessment Center, and there two additional centers. All these centers create innovative ideas, products and services.

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The world and cites across the world appreciate the importance of innovation and creation of avenues and structures that champion innovation. For example, Masdar Institute has programs that encourage and support innovation. The staff and resources at Masdar Institute allow the postgraduates to innovate and introduce or improve products or services in the society. The world should continue supporting and creating environments allowing research and development of innovative products and services.