International Relations

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International relations is an interdisciplinary field of study. It studies global issues including war, globalization, poverty, diplomacy. Some topics of study may include the balance of power, distribution of wealth, and the gap between the rich and poor. It deals with foreign cultures, languages, worldviews, and values. It is an academic and a public policy field of study that focuses on the changing political, economic and cultural relations within the international system in the modern world. Careers in this study include, but are not limited to, archivist, demographer, and diplomat.

The United States has greatly affected the development of the world since 1945 in dramatic ways. In 1945 it took a leading part in establishing the United Nations. The UN was established after WWII to make it a safer world by avoiding major conflicts and trying to solve issues without going to war. The United States created many great institutions after WWII that serves many countries. It contributed to economic growth and improvement in living standards over a vast portion of the globe as a result of the U.S. postwar economic policy.

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America was involved in the space race which in turn revolutionized the way the world does things and also has an impact on future resources of the world. . It has since then had an impact on world governments and societies include the arms race, the space race, globalization, the internet and technology to name a few. There are many issues we should be concerned about today including but not limited to globalization, terrorism, poverty, surveillance, climate change and environmental issues, global financial crisis, racism, world military spending and world wide civil unrest.

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