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Internet Improves Quality of Life

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The technological progress over the last two decades has been miraculous by any measure and it would not have been possible without the internet. One would find it almost impossible to think of professional and personal aspects of our lives that has not been influenced by the internet in some manner. Internet improves our quality of lives because it allows us to do more in less time and in a way, artificially expands our time resources.

Internet makes it not only cheaper but also faster to gain new knowledge and access information. One doesn’t have to be physically present in classrooms because internet makes it possible to attend online classes. This means one saves considerable time in commuting and can get education from anywhere even if there is no local presence of a higher-level academic institution. Similarly, one can also quickly learn about other cultures on internet and doesn’t have to buy books or specifically travel to other countries. Not only internet makes it possible to quickly learn about other cultures but also makes it easy to find specific information through search engines which are intuitive and only require basic internet skills.

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Internet also helps professional workers improve their operating efficiency because they can perform many tasks on internet-enabled technologies that previously require either physical interaction or could only be performed at specific places. Virtual teams can work on projects in real-time even if they are geographically separated and never meet in person. Thus, international teams save considerable time that otherwise would have been spent on international travel. Similarly, virtual teams can also finish projects faster because internet speeds up communication, data exchange, and feedback process. Businesses now provide many services to clients that were previously time-consuming. Clients can make payment transfers or check balance online which previously required a visit to a local bank or financial services intermediary. Even if such tasks could be performed on the phone, the entire process was still more time-consuming than the current online alternatives.

Internet helps businesses improve efficiency and profitability because it enables them to do more by automating many tasks such as order and payment processing. Time is not only saved because computers perform the tasks, especially in high-volume situations but also make far fewer errors. Similarly, internet also helps business improve their supply chain network through more efficient communication channels with suppliers and distributors. Many companies allow suppliers to access inventory information in real-time so that they could dispatch items as soon as they are needed.

Internet also helps consumers save time because they can shop over the internet. Consumers save time because they do not have to visit shopping malls or retailers and similarly, they also save considerable time that would otherwise be consumed in the process of collecting information such as price-comparison. Online shopping also allows consumers to buy items that may not be available locally or even nationally. Internet shopping is particularly a blessing for those who have busy work schedule as it frees up time to be spend with families.

It is clear that internet improves our professional and personal lives because it frees up time to be spent on other activities. Internet has made it possible to perform many tasks in minutes and even seconds without leaving the room that would sometimes consume hours and even days in the pre-internet days. Time is arguably the most valuable resource and internet has improved our personal and professional lives by artificially expanding our time resources.

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