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Internet Privacy& Security: Personal Reaction

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The article discusses on how law enforcers and Campus officials were able to apprehend a naughty student who mailed a hoax email, threatening that there were bombs planted around the campus that were about to go off. His main intention was to avoid a final exam, which he was meant to do, which is quite funny as he would have just studied for his exam rather than go through all the trouble of thinking and implementing the hoax. Despite using Tor program and guerilla software to hide his identity, law enforcers were able to catch him as he was using a public network.

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The underlying theme of the article is about internet privacy and security. Are we really secure when we are on the internet? I don’t believe so. Being on a public network further exposes us to threats associated with browsing the internet. As evidenced by efforts by the student, we can be quickly located from our computer’s I.P address especially when using unsecure networks. Internet security is fast becoming an area of concern as our data and identity can be compromised by criminals. We also learn that we should be careful on the information that we pass through the internet, not only through email, but what we also post through social media.

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