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Internet Sources Reliability

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The United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics fits all of the major criteria required to be used as a reliable source on the Internet. (27-1022 Fashion Designers, 2015) The first is that it is a government web page. Unlike .edu and .org domains that can be obtained by anyone, .gov web domains are only obtainable by United States government bodies.

This government organization, in particular, is responsible for gathering information on employment trends that can be used to predict future needs and current statistics for any area of interest. This source is appropriate for this paper because it has the levels of employment, wage information, as well as various demographic information associated with the population of individuals employed in the field. Using this information, differences in employment opportunity, profitability and distribution can be determined.

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As a general rule of thumb, Wikipedia is not accepted as a scholarly source. This does not mean that it is not a very usable source of information when engaging in scholarly research. Often it can be used as a source of ideas as to what direction to take while engaging in research. The information is typically accurate and well cited, where not otherwise noted, but the open nature means that it can be altered at any time and is not guaranteed to be accurate or consistent. This web page gives a good description of what the fashion buyer’s job and responsibilities consist of. It also has the job requirements with the average salary that can be expected.

Something that makes this article and many others on Wikipedia more useful is that is has a list of references utilized that can be accessed directly. Even thought he Wikipedia article itself may not be a source that is preferred in academia, the sources used by the Wikipedia Contributors are often more scholarly in nature and when accessed directly can be utilized for writing a solid and credible work.

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