Introduction to Volunteerism

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1. a. The message that both videos portray is the need to link volunteers to the greatest need in Canadian society. Volunteers can help those in need and/or assist to overcome challenges that the state alone cannot overcome. There is clearly a need to engage likeminded and interested individuals with the needs that each individual is interested in. The rationale for this is that it creates the interest to ensure that there is actual involvement in charitable organizations. This can then lead to other volunteering sectors. However, the initial need is to ensure that individuals start to become involvement into the voluntary sector. What is volunteering and the skills the individual volunteer needs to have and the answer is nothing but the dedication to engage with this sector. The reality is that every individual has something to give, which is why engaging individuals is paramount to the volunteer sector (or the sector will not exist).

b. The two videos tackle their message in different approaches, the first is a marketing style approach (i.e. a short snippet to engage the viewer to become a volunteer) (Volunteer Center, 2009). This means that it will have a broad market appeal to individuals who may not have thought to become a volunteer and is successful to this audience. The second is an academic/conference approach, which is targeted at those in the volunteer sector and provides the importance and how to engage others to become involved (Volunteer Canada, 2010). Thus, is successful to ensure that the volunteer message is carried from the sector to others, in order to get involvement.

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c. Both videos are interesting, but I enjoy the first video illustrates how commercial techniques that can help spread the message to the non-volunteer (Volunteer Center, 2009). This complements the second video, which explains why it is important that the volunteer message should disperse the message nationally (and globally) (Volunteer Canada, 2010).

d. The spreading of the message to non-volunteers has to be exciting and grasp the immediate attention and action of the volunteer (especially in the youth). Thus, the marketing message of the first video is especially successful and can be replicated, as experienced, through in-school direct messages (Volunteer Center, 2009).

e. The second video and the speeches is especially long, but there are some very important messages (Volunteer Canada(a), 2010). The first is learning about how an essential part of the historical culture in Canada is volunteerism and a community approach to success. In the 21st Century this can be lost, which means exploring this message in detail is important (Volunteer Caanda(b), 2010). The rationale for this is that my message to encourage volunteerism will be far more effective.

2. Workopolis (n.d.) Career Planning: Benefits of Volunteering
The volunteer market and the job market are inextricably linked together, especially for the unemployed. It shows that those in need can help others and also increase their employability. However, it is clear that volunteering is based upon belief and engagement, their capabilities and pushing their insights and self-learning. These aspects illustrate the desire to learn and give back, as well as gain employment experience. This links to the module because it shows that volunteering not only benefits the persons/cause that the volunteer is helping, but also the volunteer through self-learning, self-fulfillment and employability.

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