“Invictus” Poem Analysis

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The poem has four stanzas. It rhymes in iambic tetrameter. It uses regular spondees to sharpen its steady rhythm. The rhyme scheme of the poem is /abab cdcd efef ghgh/, which play a pivotal role in keeping the entire poem tight. There is a constant flow of ideas in the first three stanzas, which can be attributed to the excellent use of enjambment. Each verse gives the persona’s position on the diversity case in the world today. The central message in the poem is that the human spirit can deal with immense pain as well as stress. Thus, despite the challenges we are faced with in our lives, giving in is not an option.

In the first stanza, there is the use of imagery where everything at night is covered in black. This has been used to symbolize the hopeless situation in which the person’s soul has been lost, and the future is unclear. There is religiousness in line three and four, which recognize that assistance was being provided somewhere, somehow, maybe by a deity or any god. The second stanza stresses the importance of not giving in or showing signs of weakness in any situation as seen in the phrase “fell clutch” (William, line 5). There is the use of assonance; which has been used to show how strong the speaker was during these trying moments: “under the bludgeoning of chance/ my head is bloody but unbowed.”

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In the third stanza, the speaker tries to forecast how the future will be by considering the pain as well as anger connected with life on this planet and in areas such as health firms. The stanza also motivates readers never to give up as the speaker has not been afraid throughout despite the many challenges in life. Stanza four has an illusion of the Christian bible. The “gate” has been used to show hope of entering a better or a “heavenly” life” (William, line 13). The second line shows the speaker’s perception of hell where the sinful will face judgment and get punished accordingly. Thus, the teaching, people can gain by reading the poem is that it does not matter your religious status you can overcome trying moments by being brave and never despairing at any moment.

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