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Invitation To A Workshop On Environment Sustainability

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We as the Nordstrom incorporation in Portland humbly invite you to our half-day workshop on environment sustainability. The aim of the workshop is to ensure that we educate the participants on sustainable, environmentally-sound business practices and discuss on the various environment sustainability initiatives. Moreover, we would like to train the community on the different approaches to ensure that the environment is sustained clean and conducive for everyone.

The workshop will be hosted at Nordstrom store in Oregon on the 24th of October starting from 8:30 to 11:30 am. Nordstrom staffs will be the main role players in the workshop, where they will elaborate on the various initiatives that they have started towards environment sustainability. Moreover, the business benefits of these initiatives will be discussed seeing that, the workshop is meant for the local companies in Portland.

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One of the core initiatives to be presented at the workshop will be on generation of renewable energy to prevent the destruction of the environment in search of fuel. The Nordstrom incorporation has started a renewable energy initiative, whereby it has installed some solar panels on the roofs of its store. The primary agenda of the initiative is to ensure that the non-renewable sources of energy are reduced hence protect the environment against destruction, climate change, and global warming. The workshop will discuss on how the local businesses can participate in such an initiative hence enhance environment sustainability.

Another initiative on environment sustainability that will be debated is on recycling of materials. The staffs will elaborate on the various materials that can be recycled and at the same time elaborate on proper disposal of materials that cannot be recycled. Also, the workshop will have an open forum where the participants will be allowed to give ask questions and also play a part in the environment sustainability.

We kindly request you to reply as soon as you receive this message to ensure that we keep a space for you since the number of participants is limited.

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