Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?

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The perception that junk food is cheaper than real food is wrong. It still remains more expensive than homemade food. Junk food, in addition to being expensive, contains a lot of calories, which leads to undesirable health conditions such as obesity that is very common among Americans, especially the low income earners.

Americans should, therefore, desist from taking junk and hyper processed foods. The good news is that most Americas can afford real food, even those registered with the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. The lack of time for cooking and lack of access to real food are the main reasons why people prefer junk food to homemade meals. Americans view cooking as work, and they do not have the time for it. The addictive nature of hyper processed foods also leads to more consumption.

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There is need for people to change the culture of feeding on junk food and start enjoying real food. People should enjoy cooking at home. Children need to be raised without the access to junk food to avoid addiction to it. There is need for political action to limit the marketing of junk food and to ensure the affordability and availability of real food across the country.

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